Friday, June 30, 2017

LACK OF EVIDENCE FOR GOD IS LIKE LOOKING AT THE BLUE SKY THAT IS NOT THERE. The Irony Of Life Is What We Think We Know Is Not Necessary What We Think We Know. Still people question the obvious and seek to know what does not exist, because what exists does not meet their approval.

Depends on how you define God. If you define god as a unicorn, and a unicorn is an irrational animal that is part of the creation, even though it is in your imagination, then maybe, lack of existence for a unicorn means there is no unicorn in existence.

However, if the mind can conceive a unicorn, a unicorn has probably existed. Your problem is your ignorance of where that unicorn may be now.

The Creator God is a different matter. The Creator exists as someone who has the power to create the Universe and all that exists within it. The Creator God is beyond our understanding, because we are just a mere speck of dust when we are talking about the Earth; not to mention the solar system, the Milky Way or the Universe. All this exists within the Infinite Creator, who has encircled some space within Himself and created the Universe.

Is there lack of evidence that we are part of the Creation?

One thing is for sure, no finite human being is the Creator of the Universe—even if delusionally, one is created in his or her own mind.

If you do not want to believe that there is sufficient evidence for you to accept that the Creator created the Universe, please tell: Who did? You are not foolish enough to think that you do not exist, are you? Maybe I do not exist and what you are reading is non-existent. You have no proof I exist. You do not know me. We have no relationship.
Therefore I do not know you. You do not exist. I can tell you right now, as far as I am concerned, you do not exist. Yet you are reading this. Very odd, really.

The sky is blue; at least, during the daylight hours the sky is blue. But it does not exist. Did you know that? There is no blue sky. Yet you probably look up and see a blue sky and believe it exists. Who is the fool? The one who believes in the existence of the blue sky or the one who says it does not exist?

The Earth spins at the rate of 1040 mph around a string. Somebody holds a Moon on another string and makes it fly around the Earth at 2280 mph. Even though the Moon takes its time, the Sun travels faster. The Sun flies around the Earth every twenty-four hours. The Moon takes twenty-eight times as long. This occurred by chance. Just happened. Shut your eyes and it will happen while you are not looking. Now, see how far you travel with your eyes shut in a vehicle on a freeway at 60 miles an hour.

(I just made that paragraph up. The Earth doesn’t spin. The Moon does not exist. I did see somebody holding a string, once. Everything is an illusion; but then it just might not be. Pain hurts! Too much time in the sun can give you sunstroke.)

Obviously, everything is just happenstance. Since there is no sign of an Intelligent Creator, the same as there are no markings between lanes on a freeway. Everything just smashes into everything else. There is no intelligence on Earth. If there is any, crocodiles would be the ones with the intelligence, because they wait for wildebeest to jump into their mouths so they can have a feed. If the wildebeest had any intelligence they would build a bridge and let the crocodiles starve.

Like wildebeest, humans rush forward into the unknown. They do not know whether they will survive. The fearful death just waits. Yet, as odd as it may be, I found a bridge across the unknown. But why would I tell you about it. I do not exist. I do not know you. You do not know me. But you are reading my communication. Not true? Okay. I thought I would just make that up. I have no evidence that you are reading this.

Day to day bears witness to the Creator. Night to night reveals His glory. Maybe you can read the symbols. Symbols come in all shapes and sizes. Intelligence enables people to grasp what they mean. Pity for you, if cannot read the symbols that abound and testify to the Creator. If you do, who knows what could happen. Maybe you will find the bridge across the unknown that humans all seem to disappear into before they are 122 years and 164 days old—fair enough, in your case, the wait might be shorter.

Not Only Does The Creation Testify To The Existence Of The One You Do Not Know

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