Monday, June 19, 2017

THE DIFFICULTY OF CONVINCING PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY ARE EDUCATED THAT THE BIBLE IS NOT THE WORD OF GOD IS EASY. Everybody Knows An Educated Person Is Not A Fool, Because Fools Lack Sense And Judgment. Not everybody agrees to the definition of a fool, because the Bible states that anybody who does not accept the truth concerning God being the Creator of the Universe and life is a fool.

Harry Riches

Happy Riches Answers request by anonymous.

Convincing an educated person that the Bible is not the Living Word of God is not difficult.

Convincing a person who thinks he is educated that the Bible is not the word of God is easy. Many people who think they are educated believe lies and the bigger they are, the better.

Convincing a person who is educated that God is real and the Bible bears witness to His plan and purpose for mankind is unnecessary, for an educated person already knows this—otherwise he would not be educated. For the Bible calls those who deny the existence of God, fools. By definition, fools are not educated, for we are told a fool is classified as any “person who lacks sense or judgement”.

From the perspective of a person who is educated, and wisdom being what differentiates an education from a secular indoctrination, those who are not wise enough to secure their eternal standing before the One to Whom they have to give an account of themselves and their actions, prior to being cast off the playing field, obviously lack sense, regardless of their judgments.

There Is A Way That Seems Right To Man But Its End Is Eternal Separation From Life

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