Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A CHRISTIAN SEEKS TO KNOW HOW TO KEEP FAITH IN THIS DAY AND AGE. Yet The Answer To The Question Is So Simple That A Christian Who Has Faith Would Not Ask The Question. This is because to be a Christian, one has to possess faith in the first place, without which it is impossible to be a Christian.

I am curious to know how believers today live their lives in an age where almost everything is accessible and the dynamics of Christian living at the workplace, home and public life. What do Christians do when they encounter roadblocks?
Happy to hear about your personal experiences too.

Harry Riches

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Life is about choices. People make their own choices, even when they are in jail and have restrictions placed upon them that those on the outside do not have. People can exercise freewill, irrespective of the restrictions people have placed upon them by the government, any education or training institution, hospital, workplace, society, organization, means of transport or at home.

The concept of “keeping the faith” to the Christian asking this question appears to be more akin to taking a stance regarding one;s commitment to an ideology, rather than a relationship with Lord Jesus Christ.

Relationships are experiential; therefore, they are vital and very real. People have faith in beliefs that they are told are true; such as, 13–15 billion years ago there was a big bang.

How can anybody be sure there was a big bang? Can the big bang be reproduced in a laboratory? If not, it is not scientific.

Large Hadron Collider creates 'mini Big Bang is not the Big Bang. That is like two molecules smashing into each other, but if you want to believe that is a mini big bang, so is a firecracker. Nevertheless, NASA will show to get from the Big Bang to now in 10 steps—just make sure that you live billions of years.

When I see a dog turn into a cat, then I will believe the theory of evolution. Until such time there is no evidence. Yet people have faith in the evolution belief.

Whereas I have faith that healthy caterpillars will metamorphose into butterflies or moths, and the process will be replicated over and over and over again.

Still waiting for a butterfly turn into a frog, though; or a caterpillar to turn into a bird, rather than being eaten by one.

When a person has a relationship with someone, that relationship is very real; that is, until it is killed off. The people whom a person does not have a relationship with, may as well not exist, because they mean nothing to the person—who are they?

When a person enters into a relationship with Lord Jesus Christ, that person has become a Christian. When I became a Christian, I entered into a relationship with Lord Jesus Christ.

Just like I do not know you and you do not know me, I did not know Lord Jesus Christ. This changed after I entered into a relationship with Lord Jesus. For when he came into my life, my life changed. Which is what you would expect since I can feel the assurance of His gift to me within myself, all the time. Like some mini big bang, human relationships do not have the same reality as what occurs when possessing a relationship with Lord Jesus Christ.

When You Know Where You Stand In A Relationship, An Assurance Surpasses A Belief.

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