Tuesday, October 24, 2017

THE PLANET NIBIRU IS ABOUT TO APPEAR AND THE ALIENS THAT PREVIOUSLY LIVED THERE, WHO ARE ON EARTH NOW, ARE PREPARING FOR A MASSIVE BATTLE. The Good Aliens Verses Evil Aliens Showdown Is Expected To Produce Star Wars In The Sky But Nobody Has Been Notified Of The Program Yet Or Whether This Will Be Able To Be Seen From Antarctica, The Equator Or The Arctic Circle. If this were to really happen, the end of the world as we know it would be on the cards.

Zechariah Sitchen's Ancient Alien Theory attributes the beginnings of society to the Annunaki, who traveled from the planet Nibiru.

The planet Nibiru is supposedly where the aliens live that are coming to take over the Earth, while some left eons ago and are living (and you believe it)  underground on this planet, even at Antarctica.

If you haven't heard about it yet, there is a war going on between the goodies and the baddies and this is being played out here on Earth right now. 

Evil aliens from outer space already living on Earth have control of the world's ruling elite. 

These are the Lizard People who control the thirteenth tribe of Khazarians that rule this Earth.

According to all these people, who reject the Bible's account of the Son of God coming to Earth, supported by angels, to deliver people from captive to the Devil's influence, the Extra Terrestrials are fighting each other and the ETs that win the war are going to take over the planet.

The similarity in the Extra Terrestrial story about good and bad aliens and what the Bible refers to as the fallen angels headed by the Devil (Lucifer) and the angels that have remained with God is rather remarkable.

Those who want you to believe in Extra Terrestrials, all reject the Son of God came to Earth to die in the flesh to redeem what had been kidnapped, by paying the price for sin, and then being raised from the dead to demonstrate that He is God and has the power over death.

One radio host, who rejects the Bible and its historical evidence, believes we have been on Mars for 20-30 years–of which there is no genuine proof, unless you believe this train axle is really on Mars as our radio host does.

However, the radio host does not accept the historical artifacts confirming the truth of the Exodus, the reality of Noah's Ark, and other evidence recorded in the Bible; for if he did, they would be posted on his website.

Dr Joseph Chiappalone is a medical doctor, who believes that he has been given insight from aliens as to what is happening on the Earth and what is going to happen, such as:

" I am now telling you NO ONE WILL SURVIVE BEYOND AUGUST 2016!"

 Chiappalone has rejected that the Son of God came to Earth, died for his sin, and provided an inheritance for him, if he is willing to accept that he has sinned and the blood of Jesus has paid the price to secure his freedom from eternal punishment.

According to the report at the Warwick Daily News in 2011this doctor claims that he was taken to a ship and taught by aliens the information that he is passing on to others.

As for the aliens themselves, Dr Chiappalone said they can take the form of anything they choose.
“They can invade bodies. Some of them are good but a lot are not here for us – (some of them can be) very evil and don’t give two hoots about humans.”

When you understand the demons can enter people and influence them into thinking that they are visiting planets, as Hindu yogis and Buddhist holy men report, you can appreciate that Dr Chiappalone has been possessed by these beings and given experiences in his mind that he believes are real.

Demons are very real, but not only this, there are many different shapes and sizes of beings that are under the control of Satan (aka Lucifer, the Devil)I have seen the "them".

When people experiment with drugs, they can find themselves hallucinating and opening their minds up to being possessed by demons.

Dr ​Joseph Chiappalone​ ​ believes that the planet Nibiru will appear by the end of this year and the world is about to end. 

Well, I am saying that he is deceived, even possessed and needs deliverance from the power of the prince of the air that controls the minds of all who are disobedient to the truth. 

In fact, if Nibiru turns up at the end of this year, and there are aliens, I will throw the Bible away as a useless book.

If Nibiru does not turn up with aliens and you are reading this, and have doubts about the 66 books of the Bible, then at least you will know why I possess so much confidence in the book to be accurate.

According to the Warwick Daily News, Chiappalone claims that science and religion have no answers:

“People just can’t live with the dishonesty, exploitation and suffering and a lot of them have noticed they don’t fit into life and they want to know why. The answers given by religion and science just don’t make sense.”

Science has answers to some things but not when it comes to why we are born to suffer and die.

Religion comes in two forms:
1) that which objectively recognizes truth and 
2) that which is false and equivalent to witchcraft or any form of philosophy that turns people away from seeking the Creator.

The Warwick Daily News reported  in June of 2014:

A MEDICAL doctor who once claimed to have been abducted by aliens has been reprimanded for engaging in a sexual relationship with a patient.
Dr Joseph Chiappalone has also been banned from applying for medical registration for 12 months in a decision handed down by the Queensland Civil and Administration Tribunal.

True religion is about the quest for the truth of why we are here on Earth; why we are born, have to suffer, and then die.

Jesus said, "I am the Way, the truth and the Life, no comes to the Father except through Me." (John 14:6)

Jesus is saying that we have to be born from above so that we may come to understand the truth of how to overcome suffering and what it means to die and yet be made alive unto eternal life.

True religion does not require us to perform rituals to be saved or do anything to earn forgiveness, just repent, hate evil and exercise faith towards our Heavenly Father.


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