Friday, October 20, 2017

IRRATIONAL BELIEFS ARE THE DOMAIN OF ATHEISTS AND AGNOSTICS WHO REJECT THE EXISTENCE OF THE CERTAINTY OF A CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE. Atheists Like To Think That They Are Truly Intelligent When Rejecting The Creator Who Will Be Their Judge, While Agnostics Think They Are Being Intellectually Cute By Expressing Their Uncertainty. The fact that the blue sky appears every day is evidence of our Creator, because it does not appear by chance.

Belief is the basis of being human. How could we be human beings and not believe that we are homo sapiens? Yet some humans do not like being homo sapiens; instead, they think they are stars—even super stars—and beyond being a mere Earthling.

We have to believe the meaning of a word to be true before we can begin to use it in our thoughts. Moreover, we have to believe that the person to whom we are talking understands the meaning of the words we use, if we are to be understood. The person understanding us has to believe that they understand what it is that we have said, even though in all probability what the person thinks that we stated was not exactly what we meant.

To believe something is to accept an idea or what we have understood we have heard or read, or actually saw happen before our very eyes as true. Whatever the case, the truth of what was seen, heard or read may not correspond with the idea that formed in our mind.

Logic is often used to refute irrational ideas; that is, unsound, illogical, insane beliefs. But logic based on wrong assumptions comes up with irrational conclusions even though the method might work.
Two ways I know work when challenging irrational ideas are:
  • Experimentation: whereupon the irrational idea is disproved sufficiently to convince the holder that it is time to let go.
  • Creating sufficient pain in respect to the irrational idea so that the person instantly rejects the idea or every time the person returns to the idea pain becomes more intense until the idea is let go.

Still, people often want to resist the obvious and persevere with the pain. This is especially the case if the person finds pleasure in an idea or becomes a masochist and begins enjoying the pain. In which case, an oblique means may be required to penetrate the locus of thought rather than a frontal assault using (what is perceived to be) commonsense.

Distraction is a common means of assisting people to release irrational ideas that are not true—especially if the person can be distracted sufficiently to create a new interest that becomes stronger than the unreasonable belief held, so that it is overcome.

Students indoctrinated into irrational belief systems during their college years, often caste those false concepts aside when they discover that they have to become responsible for their own actions, and rewards only come when work is performed to obtain benefits.

Truths in life are irreversible. Anybody who thinks that being born to die has meaning is called a fool by those who see no wisdom in being born to die—especially if suffering has to be experienced in between.
Buddha sought to avoid suffering. The four noble truths of Buddhism focus on suffering and the means of avoiding them.

Jesus of Nazareth basically said that suffering was unavoidable—so bring it on! He further stated that if you follow me, I will show you the truth, for I have the power over death. What Christians call the foolishness of the Cross becomes the wisdom of God for sorting out those who seek the truth, in the hope that they might become wise.

People without a goal have no purpose. People without an eternal purpose face futility regardless of what their goal might be in this life. Pontificating about what a person has not got is like a dog chasing its tail and a yacht attempting to catch the wind without a sail. If you have not got eternal life, you had better get it before arguing about how smart you are for not having it. Why be irrational and say that eternal life does not exist when it is conceivable?

People with irrational beliefs reject the fact that if a Creator exists then only fools do not seek to find out why they are born to die and have to suffer emotionally when they cannot see what causes them to do so. Those with irrational beliefs claim that they only believe in what they can see. Apparently, they believe the sky is blue and the sun always shines. Whereas those who are rational accept that they did not ask to be born into world of suffering only to die, and seek to know why the blue sky does not really exist, and how it is that they are affected by emotions, when they cannot see the very words that cause them to be so affected.

In the beginning was the WORD—a very powerful statement. And the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was in the beginning within God. All things were made through Him and there was nothing made that was made without Him. And this has nothing to do with a big bang; rather, more to do with what could become the worm that never dies. Any hope of understanding this begins only when a person realizes that emotions are non-existent without a word; just as no emotional pain would be felt if there were not a corresponding word to activate it. If you do not believe me. Just stop it!! I am telling you the truth!

The Only Words Written By The Finger Of God Exist So You Can Possess Life

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