Friday, October 13, 2017

ATHEISTS AND THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE GOLDEN RULE WONDER WHY CHRISTIANS EXPECT NON-BELIEVERS TO FOLLOW SUIT. Evidently There Are Other Worldviews Of Philosophical Thought And Fake Religions That Do Not Take Into Account That Loving One Another Means Peace In Society. Anarchists have not understanding of what it means to be loved in such a way that life is truly meaningful.

Personally, I have no expectations of anyone other than the hope that they might keep their word. However, since I have not met one person, with whom I have had a significant interaction, who has not let me down, I really have no expectation that I will find a person who will keep his or her word at all times.

Myself, I recognize that it is impossible for me to keep my word, as circumstances out of my control can cause me to miss the mark. Also, I could make a mistake and confuse appointments, which would cause me to not keep my word to honor my commitments—something that occurred in the first week of February, this year. Another possibility is I could just plain forget, for some reason, that I had a commitment to honor, while engrossed in doing something else.

Non-believers I expect to be as human as myself. This means that they will let me down. As it happens, people who claim that they are Christians are so far removed from the ideal (when it comes to following the teachings of the Bible), why would they expect non-believers to follow its teachings. We might wish people would follow the Bible’s teachings, but wishful thinking is just that.

Even non-believers wish other non-believers would follow the Bible’s teachings and not murder, steal, bear false witness and love their fellow human beings—only that is not going to happen. Just listen to the newscasts or read the daily paper—mostly stories about unnecessary disasters, grief and evil being perpetrated (am I not telling the truth!).

The true Christian is too busy seeking to learn from the master to be worried about what non-Christians are doing. Those who follow the master’s teachings actually find other people taking note of the light that shines in the darkness.

The Ten Commandments Were Designed For You To Enjoy And Possess Life

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