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WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT THE JEWS THAT THE SON OF GOD WOULD CHOOSE TO IDENTIFY WITH THEM RATHER THAN OTHER NATIONS? Many Find It Incomprehensible That God's Son Would Be Born A Jew. Is this evidence of people being racist and not wanting to seek and understand the truth?

Harry Riches
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The nation of Israel formed part of the plan to bring about the conditions for Jesus to become the sacrificial offering to ransom what Adam, the first man, had lost. This plan is something that has been prophesied in the Bible. This prophetic element sets the Bible apart from other writings around the world. A fact testified by Israel being a nation today in fulfillment of prophesy for the return of Lord Jesus Christ.

Unlike the other nations, God created Israel when He delivered the people from slavery. Everything that happened to the people of Israel when being taken out of Egypt, and much of what was provided in the law, bore witness to the coming Savior. This is evidenced in such events as the eating of the Passover Lamb and the Crossing of the Red Sea. It is evidenced in the feasts that Israel was instructed to keep and the sacrificial offerings that were to practiced for the forgiveness of sins. The Ten Commandments also bear witness to Lord Jesus Christ. Once one understands this, one can understand why a nation was created under special circumstances to bring about the purpose of God.

An analogy could be the building of a special purpose vehicle to do a particular job rather than using something that was not suitable for the the purpose required. For instance, building a petrol tanker for carrying petrol rather than attempting to use a cattle truck with a few extra boards placed around the trailer. Or building a luxury liner for people to enjoy a holiday at sea rather than using a container ship decked out with hammocks. Or building a submarine to go underwater rather than putting a hole in a ship's hull and anticipating forward travel under water rather than downward.

The reason why Jesus chose to become a Jew is Israel was designed to be the nation for this purpose. More to the point, Judah was to be the tribe of which the woman would be born who was to carry the fetus into which the Son of God would enter at birth. As the New Testament states when quoting the prophecy in Psalm 40 from Septuagint:
  • Consequently, when Christ came into the world, he said, “Sacrifices and offerings thou hast not desired, but a body hast thou prepared for me; (Hebrews 10:5)
The divine plan to redeem mankind from the evil that came into existence, which plagues the Earth, and demonstrate the righteousness of the One and Only Immortal God for eternity, in having given men and women freewill, required more foresight than what any human could ever imagine. Impossible for people who think they are knowledgeable, when what they think they know would not make up a library of comics, let alone to be able to number the hairs on the heads of the current global population. But not impossible for the omniscient Creator to do. This is why the Savior of the world became a son of Judah. The kingdom of Judah was part of the nation which God created and predicted would survive until the time was right for the Son of God to appear as a human. Indeed, we read:
  • While we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. (Romans 5:6)
Jesus of Nazareth was all part of the plan to redeem men and women from sin and its consequences. Just as Israel today is part of the plan to bring glory to God at the return of Lord Jesus Christ.

However, when Lord Jesus returns, to use a worldly idiom, he will judge the losers and bless the winners. Or as the Bible states regarding those that are eagerly waiting for Him, they will enjoy His favor, but those who take the mark of the beast will reap the consequences of their decision to reject the truth and join up with the Evil One.

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