Wednesday, March 8, 2017

PAT ROBERTSON IS LAUDED FOR HIS ACTING ABILITIES BY MANY PEOPLE, BUT HE HAS YET TO WIN AN OSCAR. Evidently, Oscars Are Not Bestowed Upon Televangelists Because Their Acting Is Considered Unacceptable. Hollywood favors actors who get it all off and promote hedonism, so the gullible can be caught in their web of deceit.

Look at him when he is giving his sermon’s on the 700 club. I can just see him and co-hosts laughing hysterically when the camera’s are off. Do you think its possible that he is just an actor profiting off religion like a pastor? Additional evidence in comments.

Harry Riches
Harry Riches  Answer requested by Greg Evans

I have no knowledge of Pat Robertson. I do not watch the 700 club. Actually, I rarely watch television.
As for people who run any organization there is the belief that they ought to live comfortably.
One person told me that Hillary Clinton was entitled to give only 5 percent to the charitable organizations she was raising money for because she has to keep up appearances and have a living. Hillary Clinton is a politician.
Billy Graham was said to live the high life at one stage until he toned it down. Billy Graham was purportedly the pastor of presidents.
A pastor is somebody who has a flock of people of whom he looks after by attending to their spiritual needs in a way that ought to enable them to be healthy, wealthy and wise.
Wealth, of course, does not mean being a billionaire, but being somebody who has more than what is needed at the present time. I know many who are wealthier than the majority of people on this planet but, unfortunately, they are so impoverished spiritually, they are always complaining about what they do not have.
If any person wants to help Pat Robertson, I would not begrudge that person. If a person is disinclined to do so, I will not hold that person accountable. Each has to answer for his or her own actions or lack of them—but not to me—the Lord God Almighty who records everything we do; that is, unless the slate is wiped clean.

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