Tuesday, March 21, 2017

JESUS IS A COMMON NAME IN CERTAIN PARTS OF THE WORLD, BUT NOT IN OTHERS. For Those Who Have Come To Know Lord Jesus Christ, He Is Very Real. Those who have no idea of what it means to have a relationship with Lord Jesus Christ ask ignorant questions.

Does anyone believe, here, in Jesus..as a "profesor"..(of faith)...does anyone agree with this question

Why would anyone believe in Jesus? Who is Jesus? In Spanish speaking countries Jesus is a common name.
If we regard believing in something as accepting something as true, would not believing in Jesus be merely accepting that Jesus is true.
The preposition “in” means to be surrounded by something. Hence I live in the world, but I do not live in the Earth. Instead, I live on the Earth. The world we cannot see, yet we see parts of what we perceive to be the world. The Earth we can see, because we stand on it. When we dig into the Earth, we dig up the ground below us, which may be sand, soil, clay, or rocks.
When talking about the world, we speak about not only of one, but different worlds. There is the world of imagination and there is the world that we believe is real, because this consists of the people to whom we relate and objects we encounter to which we attribute significance. The world some people experience is rich with fine dining, luxurious living, much mobility (by air, land and sea), technology and all manner of sensual experiences. Other people live in a world of squalor and darkness; the only thing they seek is their next drink for they are unable to comprehend anything of beauty or worth.
Actually we do not need to be homeless alcoholics to not appreciate the beauty of the world in which we live. For the morning after I became a Christian, as I walked out into the street, I noticed the plants, the trees and the sky; they had become alive. Everything seemed new. This is what happens when when people truly meet Lord Jesus Christ. I am not the only one who knows this, other people have expressed having the same experience of all things being made new.
A world of darkness exists in the minds of man people, only like the philosopher Nietzsche, all they can find is there no hope of anything better.

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