Friday, March 24, 2017

JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES BOAST HOW THEY ARE BETTER THAN OTHERS. BECAUSE THEY SET A NIGH ASIDE TO STUDY THE BIBLE. Most People Are Not Aware That The Jehovah's Witnesses Have Different Teachings To What The Bible Actually Teaches. Somehow they see their unbiblical unstanding of the Bible as something of worthy of being proud.

Each household plan in advance their Bible based curriculum and scriptural themed discussions together. Each member can be involved, with an assignment according to their ages and abilites. Do non-JW persons see benefits from this practice?
Harry RichesHappy Riches Answer requested by Curtis Jackson

There is nothing wrong in what you do, I suppose, unless it keeps you from knowing Lord Jesus Christ. Merely learning doctrines is not realizing salvation in your own life. Consider the following Scriptures since you like to study the Bible:

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