Thursday, March 2, 2017

WESTERN CHRISTIANS SEEM TO BE AT ODDS WITH THE LAW OF GOD BECAUSE OF THE LAWS THAT ARE SANCTIONED BY THE POLITICIANS AND THE JUDICIARY. But What Is Not Realized By Those Who Level The Accusation That Christians Are Massive Hypocrites Is The Difference Between True And False Adherents To The Call Of Salvation. Many hypocrites exist who claim they are Christians but they are not.

In most countries the Christians are not making the laws. Besides, most of the people who call themselves Christians are not really true Christians but nominal Christians, who are born into a culture that likes to call itself Christian, when in fact it is really secular and non-Christian.
Christians do not understand the Ten Commandments and what God requires of them. Theologians dismiss them. Bible Colleges dismiss them. As do many who like to see Christianity as merely understanding what happened in the Book of Acts or a new religious expression founded upon the letters of Paul.
Once you realize the truth of the Ten Commandments (that they are the plumbline required for measuring truth (Amos 7:7-9) and understand the message of the Scriptures, you also understand that Christians ought to be more interested in having God’s blessing upon their lives. This way people who are not Christians can see what they are missing out on. Instead, the doctrine of grace is claimed to cover everything a person does. This is the doctrine where a person can shoot whoever, whenever, wherever, and then ask forgiveness, only to do the same the next day without retribution.
The Bible does not teach a doctrine of grace for salvation (Romans 6:1-2) but a doctrine of faith the brings forth fruit. The grace is the blessing of God that falls upon those who exercise faith and bring forth fruit. But what we see among those who claim to be Christians is faith appears to be something of which they have little. This is why people have little faith in other people and social cohesion is breaking down.
The truth is that all we really need to live with each other in peace, experience health and wealth, while not violating the Ten Commandments. Instead, there are laws created that disregard the Ten Commandments, and people point to the biblical injunction to obey authorities (Romans 13:1-6) as the overriding requirement. Now the lawmakers have so many laws about the laws that are a violation of law of God that to contest any of the laws created by these lawmakers and placed on the statute books is considered a sin.

Those of us, who acknowledge the truth, understand the difference between the Law of God and the laws of men, and realize that the King of Kings, who reigns in the Kingdom of God, is to whom our allegiance lies.

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