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UNDERSTANDING THE PRINCIPLES OF THE TEN COMMANDMENTS IS A MAJOR STEP FORWARD IN BECOMING TRULY WISE AND INTELLIGENT. Fools Disregard The Value Of Relationships And Even Claim That God Is Impossible To Know, Even If He Knows Us. The good news is we do not have to ignore the truth of the Ten Commandments if we desire to be wise.

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The principles of the Ten Commandments pertain to relationships. The Ten Commandments are the principles by which relationships are upheld, kept sound; that is, do not rot.

A relationship that begins to rot is like a carcass on the nose, bloated in the hot sun, attracting flies galore. The Lord of flies sends out invites, but nobody really wants to attend. Yet the invitees claim that they like to party.

The Ten Commandments are the only words written by God Himself with His own Finger. Yet people dismiss them, as if they were more knowledgeable than the Omniscient Creator. Consequently, we see a world burning with lust and strife, while people are seeking to find eternal life, by looking in test-tubes and putting their hope in freezers—could this result from an underlying intuition that hell is hot and eternal life is not found in a lake of fire.

The principles of the Ten Commandments can mean either moral principles or principles of knowledge. Whatever the case, moral principles are reflective of the basic principles of knowledge; that is, truth.

The truth about life is relationships are the essence of being. Without a relationship there is no recognition of being. This is a fundamental, but overlooked and misunderstood tenor of the Old and New Testaments.

People claim love is all they need, but they do not understand love; for if they did, then they would not suffer the frustrations they do.

In their ignorance, people will point other individuals to the book of First Corinthians and exclaim that the Ten Commandments are negative and there is no negativity in love. Yet if they actually read what they point out for others to read, they would realize that the love chapter of First Corinthians, chapter thirteen, uses negativity to explain love.

The Ten Commandments explain what the principles of relationship entail. The underlying principles are the truths establishing why relationships exist, form and remain sound.
  1. A relationship with the Creator God is necessary if we are to make sense of our existence.
  2. A relationship with other people is not going to be worthwhile if we do not have a relationship with God.
  3. God is merciful and desires a relationship with us wherein we acknowledge and appreciate Him by also acknowledging and appreciating our fellow humans, who were made also in the image of our Creator.
  4. Desire is the basis of our motivation to relate with other individuals.
  5. Desire fulfilled means rest for our souls, once we are walking in the way of life and know Who the Lord of Life happens to be—our Savior.
Another principle that could be asserted is the Ten Commandments reveal the principle of false witness. Only those who bear false witness assert that God did not write the Ten Commandments and Moses copied them from elsewhere—because they cannot produce the proof.

Fools Delight In Expressing Their Opinions Not In Understanding The Truth

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