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How Easy Do You Think You Can Be Fooled? Nobody Likes To Admit That They Are Easily Fooled, But I Was Easily Fooled When I Believed What I Saw On T.V. And Did Not Question The Propaganda. When we hope for the best and rejoice in what we think is an injustice being rectified, we are easily fooled; the trouble begins when we have to admit the truth about being fooled.

A married black Christian heterosexual with two children, worthy of the Noble Peace Prize, and born in Hawaii is the President of the United States of America.
The world rejoices!
In late September, this year (2016), The Arizona Republic reported that Sheriff Joe Arpaio still has a team investigating the authenticity of Barak Obama's birth certificate noting:
Lead investigator Mike Zullo said that an official at the hospital listed on Obama's birth certificate, Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu, Hawaii "assured me that birth never took place there, and I believe him."
Barak Obama has been outed as a homosexual by Gary Sinclair and three other people. They are all dead.  
The person who put together this fake picture of Obama kissing David Cameron has not been reported dead.
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Andrew Breitbart is dead (2012). He had put together evidence of  Pizzagate, which includes Obama. 
The problem is there are no records of Michelle Obama giving birth to the Obama children. Furthermore, there is no authentic record of her being pregnant. There are no records of her attending any doctor prior to giving birth for a pregnancy check up of any kind.
The conspiracy against the people of the world is that everybody is so stupid they will not believe that a shadow government (which supposedly does not exist) can put a homosexual and a transsexual in the White House and say they are married with children.
If you are feeling upset now, that is, okay. I understand.
I had some people very upset about my exposing Hillary Clinton.
In fact, earlier in the year, a man came to see me to express his disappointment that I write about Hillary Clinton being depraved and send it to people throughout the world so they can read it. 
This man was once a member of the Exclusive Brethren. Now he is a Christian who believes everything he sees of TV. 
A Pastor with whom I met up with when having lunch at a restaurant, told me he did not want to break our friendship over what I was saying about Hillary Clinton. She was going to be the first woman president of the USA.
He too believes what he hears and sees on TV. In his case, especially, the ABC.
Why would a person make false allegations against the President of the United States? 
If Sinclair was paid, like women were to make up false accusations about Donald Trump's sexual activity, then he could have been dismissed as a lunatic. 
Besides Larry Sinclair was a convicted felon and discrediting him would have been so easy. Who would listen to a convicted felon giving false testimony?
On the other hand, Reverend Jeremiah Wright seems to have gone off the rails with his liberation theology, from what investigative journalist Wayne Madsen uncovered, for he is actively encouraging and supporting homosexuals in Chicago.
Homosexuals at Wright's church, who were a little loose with their lips, began to suddenly die when Obama was on his way to being elected President.
In late 2007, as Obama began his ascent to be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, in a span of 1½ months, all three men “conveniently” died:
  • Bland was murdered execution-style on November 17, 2007;
  • Young was murdered execution-style on December 24, 2007;
  • Spencer reportedly died of septicemia, pneumonia, and HIV on December 26, 2007. 

Not only is Barak Obama a homosexual but he is also a Muslim. Yet Obama played the Christian card with Jeremiah Wright evidently being in on the conspiracy.
Obama is both a practicing Muslim and a homosexual.
As odd as it seems, homosexual acts are practiced by Muslim men, as long as they do not make a public show of it.
Fellowship of the Minds website owner searched in vain to find documentation that would prove the Obama's were a legitimate heterosexual couple with their own biological children. and have no records of Malia or Sasha being born, which is too unlikely to be a mere coincidence if they are in the fact the biological children of Barack and Michelle, considering the fact that they are widely-known public figures.

Joan Rivers' death was extraordinary; because she had a biopsy that cut off her air supply when having a routine endoscopy, after stating in a matter-of-fact way that everybody knows Michelle Obama is a tranny. Evidently, an unknown individual posing as a doctor was also at the scene at the time of her death.

In an attempt to make light of all the evidence that is surfacing and the allegations that have been made, Michelle Obama posted fake pics of her supposedly being pregnant.

There are no real photos of her being pregnant. Her flaccid stomach muscles gave her the appearance she was pregnant, when she wasn't. But that was just a rumor to throw people of the scent that Michelle is really Michael.

Inline image 3

Easy to fool people with a tent dress that a person is pregnant. But only if you want to believe a lie.

Inline image 2
There is a bulge in this pic. Looks like a bun in the oven. But the problem with this pic is it was taken when she was already in the White House.

Inline image 1

Is Barak (or is it Barry) Obama saying, "Keep pushing out?"
Michael's face indicates he is pushing out his stomach.Must be a coincidence.

As for Barak Obama being born in Hawaii, Why does Kenya celebrate being the place of President Obama's birthMaybe that is a dodgy sign.

Malia looks like her real father Martin Nisbett and Sasha looks like her real mother Dr Anita Blanchett, who just happen to be the children's god parents.Surely not another coincidence.

As years passed and babies arrived, the group meshed over barbecues, husbands-against-wives Scrabble games and tennis lessons. They vacationed together: in December, with the Obamas in Hawaii; in August, with Ms. Jarrett on Martha’s Vineyard. Mr. Nesbitt’s wife, Dr. Anita Blanchard, delivered nearly all the children, and the adults became their godparents.--Jodi Kantordec. (Dec. 13, 20008)
The shadow government (7th floor group that supposedly does not exist) we are learning has deep ties to Luciferian worship. Not that this is new (but it may be for you) because receivers of this weekly email have been alerted to this fact many moons ago. 

Now people are going to be deceived because they refuse to accept the truth. They may claim they love the truth but they will be deceived, because they do not like the person telling them the truth. 

Hillary Clinton speaks lies all the time, so does Obama, the media, politicians and the other globalist minions. Why do they lie?

The Son of God says that this is the reason people lie:
  • You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies. (John 8:44)

If you find it easy to tell lies, then you will find it easy to believe them. This is why blackmail is the bond that holds politicians, the shadow government and corrupt businessmen together, not the truth, even though they like to believe they follow Lucifer, the angel of light.

Just in case you really need a comparison between Michelle Obama and a person who has hyperadrogenism, there are two photos that clearly show the difference at this link

Or do your own investigation and check comparable photos of Caster Semenya and Michelle Obama, the difference is revealingly obvious, for as they say, a picture tells more than a thousand words.

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