Wednesday, August 16, 2017

THE GOLDEN RULE IS THOSE WHO POSSESS THE GOLD GET TO RULE. As Much As You Might Like To Have Say In The Matter Of What You Would Like To Do With Your Life The Day Is Coming When Your Choices Will Be Limited Even More. Money is soon to be digitized the world over and there is every possibility that even gold will be of no value.

The goal is to capture everybody's wealth by transferring it from the majority to the minority that rules the world.

On Earth, the "Golden Rule" is more about those who have the gold will rule than about doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Now the vibe is becoming Bitcoin's the new gold standard.

Bitcoin is proclaimed by many as being digital gold because it is mined via a technique that requires computerized operations and is a time consuming process.

Bitcoin is a block chain technology that is hailed as a foolproof means for creating a digital currency that can be used without criminal activity.

Can you believe that a computerized digital code cannot be hacked?

If you believe that politicians have your best interests at heart, then you might believe that crypto-currencies are a foolproof means for you to secure your money without being hacked.

Now Bitcoin can produce more than 21 million coins because there has been a means introduced that enables this to happen.

The Bitcoin split (or "fork", as it is called) is a red flag

And here's why!

Shares are created and distributed to shareholders of companies. 

The aim is for shareholders to benefit by sharing in the profits.

When shares are doing well, they are often split, and more shares are created.

Bonus shares or rights issues dilute the value of the shares in a company, because more shares are created out of nothing.

Shares worth $10.00 are split into a  2 for 1 issue, which means that the $10.00 share becomes $5.00.

There are major benefits for creating new shares when it comes to manipulation, but Warren Buffet has never split his company's A Class shares, currently priced around $263,000.

Buffett has said that Class A shares will never be split because he thinks that high share prices attract like-minded investors who are focused on long-term profits as opposed to short-term price movements.

​Shares can also be created and distributed to management and classified as voting shares or non-voting shares.

Don't think too hard about "Who gets the voting shares?"

The likes of media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, are the ones who get the  "full" voting rights shares, although, if you really want to be a little player with no real say, you can purchase some "limited" voting rights shares.

The one obvious feature about manmade creations is that if a human can create it, a human can change it, and a human can destroy the original purpose.

Even though there are obvious problems, Bitcoin is supposedly foolproof because each owner has a wallet and a key and nothing is done that is not without a public record within the community of users.

In 2008,  Satoshi Nakamoto created the blockchain computer technology.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? 

Remember what happened in 2008? 

Just in case you forgot, there was a banking crisis.

According to Patrick Forbes:

Looking at their wealth, power
 The Rothschilds are 
​in some way
 a truer reflection of the public perception of what an aristocrat is, and should be.
​ ​

Rothschilds are still stakeholders in the Economist and nearly thirty years ago predicted the new worldwide currency would be introduced in 2018.

Now that things are not going the way of the blood thirsty, ISIS complains Hillary is not President.

New strategies are in play but the goal is still the same.

In the world of the Talmudic community, the Kabbalah and the Illuminati, the god of this world is Lucifer, the light bearer, and the Creator is hated because...well...

The Lord God is really the BOSS after all and insists on righteousness, mercy, and justice, but judgment will be final and HE holds the keys to the prison.

Evil men don’t understand justice; but those who seek the Lord God understand it fully. (Proverbs 28:5)

Still the fight for control of this planet is very real and we are all affected by it in one way or the other.

The fascinating, controversial, and informative video below, which drew the ire of crypto-currency developers, reveals that  a devil could use blockchain to destroy the world  but a god will use it to benefit and liberate mankind.

However, the god, who is claimed to be the benefactor, in this case is the ruler of this world and that which is referred to as a devil is not Lucifer, but probably the One hated by all who do not understand the virtue of justice. 

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