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CUSSING AND USING OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE SEEMS FUNNY TO SOME PEOPLE AND OTHERS REALLY BELIEVE THAT UNNECESSARY BAD LANGUAGE IS MEANINGFUL. Intensifiers Are Required For Some People To Express Themselves Meaningfully, But When Listening To Gutter Talk Coming Out Of Politicians, We Understand Why They Cannot Be Trusted. For some reason cussing provides relief for many people and comedians think that this is all their audience seeks—they are probably right—but they are not funny and lack wit.

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One day I was at a meeting where about fifteen people were gathered to discuss analytical processes regarding the business of which we were all involved. One of the key speakers, who had just returned from doing business overseas, liked to go to a coffee house, relax, play cards and cuss. At the meeting, he didn’t cuss, because he was there to speak sense.

When talking to a taxi driver one day, he decided that he would cease cussing while speaking with me. Unfortunately, he suddenly had gaps of silence in his speech. When he went back to cussing he was much more comfortable in his demeanor and thought he was really rattling out something worth listening to. Not that I would pay him for what he had to say—tips come in many sizes but not always in the shape of money.

Some comedians think it is funny that they get paid by people to go and hear them cuss. Evidently, comedians are supposed to lack wit because people only think cussing is funny. This is a reflection of the fact that patrons of unfunny comedians, who feast on the use of profanities and obscenities, obviously are suffering from some disease—the hypocrisy of faking propriety and uprightness as a law-abiding citizen. When they hear a clown on stage take them down with cuss words, they laugh nervously, finding some short-lived relief for their anxiety. Relief is what happens when people read the Bible and discover that a cheerful heart is the best medicine. Laughter is brightens up the countenance, but can be very short-lived indeed. Many comedians end up tragedies, though—and then there are the lists of suicides.

Oddly enough, in English, most of the cussing words seem to be a fetish focused on excrement, orifices used for excrement, genitals or sexual intercourse. The use of certain names used for religious purposes are commonly used by people who think words relating to excrement, genitals and sexual intercourse are too course. Among non-English speaking Catholics, offense is made by referring to virgins and incest.

Cussing can be used purposefully to disgust and offend, as an intensifier to highlight and emphasize a point, and even to speak to people who do not understand any other language. Some people think possessing a vocabulary that uses words with two or more syllables is cussing.

Cussing is unnecessary—except when having to speak to a person who thinks cussing is really meaningful language and does not understand anything else, because their vocabulary is limited to only 100 other words besides the 600 variety of cuss words they use as verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions and a preposition or two—exclamations don’t exist because they do not understand what it means to talk in a civil manner, let alone whisper.

Cussing has no worthwhile meaning because it is obscene, profane and unnecessary—worse still, too much cussing seems to have a lot to do with a change in climate.
Some of the reasons people cuss are:
  1. they have no inner peace;
  2. they are angry;
  3. they are frustrated;
  4. they get excited by sexual perversion;
  5. they are attempting to sound cool;
  6. they have a limited vocabulary;
  7. they desire to offend others;
  8. they want to be different;
  9. they feel comfortable doing what comes natural;
  10. they are possessed by the spirit of the world and doing what the god of this world desires.
I once used to cuss; often finding myself offending people and having to apologize for my indiscretion. How times have changed.

When I became a Christian, cussing just seemed to stop without any effort. My interests changed and I had a reason for living other than being influenced by the god of this world.

As for cussing being a sin, much depends on whether what we say is going to be offensive to others. Sin is anything that is performed with the aim to violate a relationship.

Just because the homonym “fook”, which is a legitimate word that denotes a particular item in one language, may sound like a cuss word in another language—depending upon pronunciation—this does not mean it is a cuss word.

A Dutch woman told me a story, where she became irate because the young man serving her at the counter in a haberdashery store did not understand that all she wanted was a fook or something similar. When the store manager arrived, the woman was terribly embarrassed to find out what the horrified young man thought she was saying.

What we say, and do, can affect us in ways we often do not realize. Because of this, I’ve heard it said in certain circles that a person who does not drink or cuss cannot be trusted. Contrary to the perception of three stooges, the world is based not on righteousness; rather, enslavement is how the (trap) doors are opened. Much business and political activity spins on bribery to enslave and turn the money wheel—the love of which (money, that is) happens to be the root of all evil.

The Son of God said that each one of us will be held accountable for every careless word each one of us utters.
  • I tell you, on the day of judgment men will render account for every careless word they utter. (Matthew 12:36)
On the Day of Judgment, if a person claims that he did not really mean what he said (cussing is like that anyway, has no meaning, has no worth, has no love), from what we read in the book of Matthew, that person does not look like having a leg to stand on—corner stools for fools will be an anachronism.

Either wake up and grow up now or, after leaving this biological zone, there will be no one to phone. The help line will have been cut off: no such number, no such zone.

Christians Taking The Name Of God In Vain Need To Understand What It Means

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