Sunday, August 27, 2017

AGREEMENT WITH EVERYBODY ALL THE TIME IS VERY DIFFICULT UNLESS EACH COMES TO A REALIZATION OF ONE'S OWN INCOMPETENCE AND INEPTITUDE. When We All Get To Heaven Then We Will Agree About Many More Things That What We See On Earth.On Earth, at the present time disagreement is bound to happen and is very common.

Especially in a very big, hierarchic and dogmatic community, e.g. the Catholic Church.
Please base your answers on objective facts and sources such as studies on History of Religions, Psychology, Philosophy, Theology...

Happy Riches

Happy Riches Answer requested by Anonymous

You ask me what I would do if I disagreed with the tenets of a religious community with which I identified. You ask me also to base my answers on objective studies.
What I would do is limited to a degree of subjectivity, which cannot be overcome, irrespective of how objective I may appear.

Religion is a subject issue, as is everything we do and say.

If I am aloof from what others are doing, then I can speak objectively about my observations; but even so, these observations will be skewed according to my worldview, if I am asked to interpret events or express an opinion.

Apart from merely reporting my observations, anything else is subjective.
In which case, if I did not agree with what people in my community were doing I would express my dissatisfaction. In the event that I were affected by what was happening in the community where I lived, if I did not like it and could not change it, I would leave.

However, the Ten Commandments, when understood, enable us to possess a standard by which we can measure the behavior and morals of people—including our own morality and behavior, as well as others. Behavior incongruent with the Ten Commandments are a violation of our moral right to love the Lord our God and one another as ourselves.

Truth Enables The Realization Freewill Provides Us With Responsibility

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