Sunday, August 6, 2017

THE RELIGION OF PEACE IS DEFINITELY SERIOUS ABOUT ENSURING PEOPLE REST IN PEACE (RIP). Why Would People Not Want To Rest In Peace; The Whole World Is Crying Out For Peace. Well, maybe not the whole world, just those who are sick of the turmoil and warmongering that abounds.

Could this be the direct/indirect reason for aggression,terrorism and even human trafficking and modern day slavery in the Muslim world and outside against non-muslims esp who doesn't comply to join islam, LGBT etc ,as theologically they have been indoctrined to consider non-muslims as sub-humans !?

Harry Riches
Harry Riches, I have studied comparative religion

Surely the idea that a particular group of people treats people as sub-human until they begin to practice, what Muslims are known to practice, has to be deliberate attack to hold Islam in contempt.

Many think that women have no rights as Muslims because they are exposed to female genital mutilation or are compelled to wear the Burka in the presence of males (other than each one’s own husband and male children, or, maybe, brothers and father). Women still have rights—ask any Muslim woman.

The beheading of criminals is seen by progressives in the West as abhorrent—progressives detest harming criminals. Although, there does not seem to be the same abhorrence for the beheadings conducted in the name of the religion of peace. Must have something to do with the tombstone (RIP): after all, what is wrong about resting in peace ?

Dr. Bill Warner appears to think that there is every possibility that Muslims view non-Muslims as subhuman. According to his analysis:
Statistical methods applied to the Islamic texts showed that:
  • Islam is far more of a political system than a religion. 
  • There is no unmitigated good in Islam for the Kafir (non-Muslim).
  • Islam’s ethical system is dualistic and is not based on the Golden Rule.
  • Islamic doctrine cannot be reconciled with our concepts of human rights and our Constitution. 
  • The great majority, 96%, of all Islamic doctrine about women subjugates them. 
Since you ask such a defining question, could there be every possibility that your observations are false? After all, what is human and what is sub-human? From what I have read concerning the theory of evolution, we are all animals: beasts of the field on an evolutionary road to somewhere—apparently with each one of us posing as someone in particular for no reason at all.

There Appears To Be Different Worldviews About Life On Earth—Which Is Right?

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