Friday, February 17, 2017

PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE WHAT THE BOOK OF REVELATION STATES SO THEY WANT IT REMOVED FROM THE BIBLE. Not Everybody Is Saying This, One Has Popped The Question, In The Typical Subtle Way That We Can Expect Of Those Who Think They Are Sophisticated. Ironically, revelation means to see more clearly, yet the last book in the Bible that goes by that name is difficult to understand.

Well, this depends on the desire of the person. Many people get upset with books and begin ripping out pages. Some even burn books. Once the Reader’s Digest removed much of the book of Revelation from its publication of the condensed Bible. Of course, the Reader's Digest Bible, being a condensed version, had much of the complete Bible removed—55%, in fact. Virtually, whatever was deemed a repeated word was redacted.

Since people have such a fascination with the Book of Revelation, it is doubtful that publishers will be removing the last book of the Bible from its pages.

There are millions of Bibles printed every year. The United Bible Societies website states that 34 million full Bibles were distributed in 2014. For anyone to buy all those Bibles and remove the book of Revelation, they have virtually an impossible job ahead of them.

Anyhow, the book of Revelation is the culmination of what God’s purpose for mankind has been since the fall from grace by the first man and woman, even if a large part is written in symbolism. But when you think about it, written words are symbols for thoughts.

The Only Words That God Himself Actually Wrote Not Found In The Apocalypse

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