Monday, February 20, 2017

PEOPLE ARE SO INDOCTRINATED BY THE SECULAR SYSTEM THAT SOME ACTUALLY THINK SCIENCE HAS AN OPINION. People Often Think That By Regurgitating Their Indoctrination That This Is An Opinion. When we begin to question everything then we learn the truth for only truth can remain.

If science is based on the observation of that which is natural, how could it prove if another dimension beyond the natural exists or not?

Harry Riches
Harry Riches · Requested by anonymous

Science has an opinion on nothing actually. Opinions are what people express and this is why there are many opinions that differ among people who call themselves scientists.
Your question raises a valid point, though.

Science is based on observation. Yet there are so many experts on nonsense that is not based on observation but based on assumption, people are bamboozled and are considered odd (as in suffering from a deficiency) if they object. In many instances, nonsense is asserted as fact by people who claim they are scientists—this is why they work for government-funded agencies and promote propaganda.

Probably, the easiest way to demonstrate that observation is a limited means of understanding the Universe, would be to look at the blue sky on a sunny day and explain that the sky is blue to a color blind person. The color blind person instead sees the stars, while the blind materialist’s face turns red in frustration asserting the dogma that the sky is blue and really does exist.

As for religion dealing with the supernatural, Jesus said that if a person does not understand the truths about natural phenomena, it will be impossible for them to grasp spiritual matters (John 3:12). This is the problem for those who have been indoctrinated by the secularists. The are conditioned to reject the spiritual, accept the nonsense and regurgitate the propaganda.

Anybody with half a brain—and you probably need the right half —will be able to work out that being born to die is the same as being cheated out of life.

If you are one of the indoctrinated, you might think that this is odd—as in a case of Oppositional Defiant Disorder—that somebody would question the sanity of accepting that being born to die has significance and is a not futile concept. But you know life is futile—if it is not eternal.

What is the point of making something just to smash it up?

Okay. You disagree.

A person builds things to destroy just because he or she is frustrated. That is meaningful. Just as meaningful as getting dressed up, to go out and get smashed with alcohol, or high on drugs, because life is boring without them. Makes life worthwhile? At least that is what you think. So how does it feel the morning after—bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, excited and ready to go!

What about cold turkey? You love cold turkey. Only I am not talking about eating cooked turkey, cold and well seasoned. I am talking about doing three days of shivering, craving, agonizing and being tormented out of your mind. After that experience, we will see how excited you are about doing cold turkey again.

The thinking person realizes that there is more to life than being born just to die after having suffered—whether this be physical, emotional or mental suffering.

If science is propaganda and religion is propaganda, what is the common denominator possessed by science and religion? The lie!

If science is the quest for the truth and religion is the quest for the truth, what is the common denominator? People who genuinely want to know the truth—not an assumption or an opinion.

People Long To Have An Experience That Is Everlasting Life Rather Than Torment

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