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VOTING FRAUD CANNOT EXIST BECAUSE BARAK OBAMA SAID THAT IT DOES EXIST. Surely The Man Who Was Given A Nobel Prize For Peace Before He Oversaw Continual War For Eight Years And The Dumping Of Over 100,000 Bombs And Firing Misguided Missiles That Killed Civilians Must Be Trustworthy. After all, Obama was a peacemaker and politicians never lie—will not straight in bed, anyways.

Months before a single vote is cast, Donald Trump is alleging that there will be voting fraud in places where there is no evidence of there being issues. What steps are election officials taking to insure that results are accurately tabulated and ready for audits?

Harry Riches

Harry Riches · Answer requested by Anonymous

There would be no need for lawsuits if politicians were honest or Hillary was indicted for her crimes and Bill wasn’t let off the hook for raping—of which there are quite a number of allegations, not to mention intimidation by Hillary….(BTW Stealing the furniture from the White House, before having to return it is still a crime.)

And what about the Clinton Foundation. Sleazy operation that. But the Clinton’s have the protection of bankers, the mainstream media and other oligarchs and power brokers such as Lynn Forester— who has helped open up wallets containing $100,000. Just ask Bernie Sanders why he did not bother filing a lawsuit—easier to take the money to buy a third house for $600k and forget the election crap about helping the impoverished. The USA is a cesspit of iniquity. One wonders how people like Ron Paul,Rand Paul and Jefferson Sessions are able to remain clean (surely they must make some compromises somewhere).

The only way the vote can be accurately tabulated and thoroughly audited is a paper ballot with scrutineers overseeing every booth, and I.D. presented when one’s name is crossed off at a designated booth as a ballot paper is handed over. Otherwise, boxes of votes go missing (LBJ), people voting by the busload at different booths (Clinton), people voting ten times on electronic machines, computers programmed to switch votes (Cruz), computers programmed to shave the result, declarations made before the vote counted (Clinton) and some more from Ballotpedia:
  • Double voting (ballot stuffing): One individual casts more than one ballot in the same election.
  • Dead voters: The name of a deceased person remains on a state's official list of registered voters and a living person fraudulently casts a ballot in that name.
  • Felon voter fraud: The casting of a ballot by a convicted felon who is not eligible to vote as a result of being a felon.
  • Voter suppression: A variety of tactics aimed at lowering or suppressing the number of voters who might otherwise vote in a particular election.
  • Registration fraud: Filling out and submitting a voter registration card for a fictional person, or filling out a voter registration card with the name of a real person, but without that person's consent, and forging his or her signature on the card.
  • Voter impersonation: A person claims to be someone else when casting a vote.
  • Vote-buying: Agreements between voters and others to buy and sell votes, such as a candidate paying voters to vote for him or her.
  • Fraud by election officials: Manipulation of ballots by officials administering the election, such as tossing out ballots or casting ballots in voters' names.
From what those who claim there was no voting fraud have been saying, either they were gullible or as guilty as sin. Fraud is rife. Saunders being stiffed by Hillary Clinton and Cruz shafting Trump in the primaries are evidence of this. Then there is this study that tells of non-citizens voting:
  • The study, known as the Cooperative Congressional Election Study (H/T NationalReview), which compiled voting data from America’s non-citizen population during election time, found out that “More than 14 percent of non-citizens in both the 2008 and 2010 samples indicated that they were registered to vote.” If that wasn’t scary enough, the report continued with more frightening data, claiming that, “some of these non-citizens voted. Our best guess… is that 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in 2008 and 2.2 percent of non-citizens voted in 2010.”
  • CONFIRMED by Experts! Voting Machines in Maryland, Illinois Rigged to Support Democrats - The Political Insider
As for lawsuits, Trump gave the Clinton Foundation money to go to Haiti but it went somewhere else instead. He has said that he intends to sue over this fraud. Now that Trump is President, we will see what he will do. Maybe Trump will do nothing, after all, he has said that Hillary has suffered enough; in the meantime, there are more urgent matters that need to be dealt with—such as apologizing to Putin for the behavior of the previous administration and their attempts to create war with Russia.

If Hillary were to have become president, there would have been civil war in the USA. She was going to go after guns. But, as I wrote in August on Quora, Clinton would have found out that many in the military and FBI cannot stand her. A fact that was corroborated by the soft coup of which Steve Pieczenik spoke.

What the Clintons pulled off with Loretta Lynch and Comey, regarding Hillary's email infractions, did not go down well, causing much resentment in the ranks towards them.

In August, I wrote that my advice to Kissinger & Associates and the CFR (from where Hillary obtained her instructions) was to play this out by retreating into the background and not forcing issues too much,as with the way things have been occurring in Europe. The European population has been emasculated, but in the USA, there are many who view 1776 as something worth fighting for in the courts and anywhere else if need be.

What steps were election officials taking to insure that results were accurately tabulated and ready for audits? From what was discovered when Jill Stein challenged Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, the Democrats had been stuffing ballot boxes and Trump votes were overlooked.

One would hope for the officials’ sake, they will do everything possible to ensure there will be no election fraud. Unfortunately, history is not on their side. History tells us that this election was rigged—but not by the Russians. Nevertheless, knowing the nature of politicians, future elections will be rigged—wherever possible.

In California, workers were discovered with voting rolls of dead people, marking them up for Clinton. The same was occurring in Florida, but a volunteer blew the whistle. Charges have been laid as other voting fraud in Texas and Virginia have been uncovered.

While some individuals were supposedly caught independently trying to rig votes for Trump, based on the evidence uncovered by Veritas and others, if true, these would have been people paid to do so by the Democrats.

The pre-election newspaper polls were rigged. Internal polling had Hillary about 20% behind. Yet the media polls claimed that she was slaughtering Trump in the electorate. But those fake polls were being taken with 60% confirmed democrats and 40% who were undecided or were Republicans or whatever. The power play was to claim that Hillary was winning the polls by a significant majority and rig the vote; then the DNC and the RINOS would have been able to say that Clinton had won by a slim majority—instead she has been rumored to have hit the bottle.

Apparently something like 300 people were turning up to hear Hillary Clinton speak and she had to hire actors to fill the empty seats in school gymnasiums, even advertised for 700 people to act as if they liked her at the national convention. On the other hand, Trump was packing up to 20,000+ into auditoriums—many who were Democrats.
If Trump did not win this election, then it would have been rigged beyond comprehension. Voter fraud has to be always on the cards, because we all know politicians do not tell the truth. Instead they lie, and then believe their own lies. Barack Obama is still claiming that election fraud does not exist, even after it has been exposed. Although Obama does have a caveat, for he says that voter fraud does not exist except when it is done by the Russians.

Trump was elected President of the United States of America, even though there was massive voting fraud happening within Democrat counties that voted for Obama. The actual vote for Trump must have been closer to 80%. For the claim that Hillary Clinton had more votes than Trump are based upon the votes that came from California, where the Democrats have been caught, and New York where the head of Board of Elections Commissioner Alan Schulkin admitted to known election fraud.  

Naturally since there is no Democrat voting fraud occuring in New York, you would not expect there to be outrage about any making such a comment to the contrary. But the Democrats cannot stand whistle-blowers and Schulkin has been removed from office.

The Truth is out. Donald Trump WON. There is no need for Trump to sue. Let's see what happens in four years time. Meanwhile the Democrats have to learn about integrity and virtue, traits that underpin honesty, truthfulness, and uprightness, etc.

Case Closed.

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