Thursday, January 12, 2017

CHRISTIANS DO NOT ALL RELY UPON THE BIBLE FOR THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF GOD. Some People Calling Themselves Christians Rely Upon Interpretations Of The Bible That Are Contrary To What The Old Testament And New Testament Scriptures Teach. A true understanding of the Bible is one that teaches God wants us to understand Him and know His presence in our lives.

It is always difficult to speak for other people. We know that there are many different sects, denominations, movements, dogmas, doctrines and belief systems within Christendom that are based upon tradition or some person’s views, which are interpretations of the Bible. Whether all the people involved in the many differences within Christendom are Christians is debated as many are found to be wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Myself, I attempted to read the King James Bible as a twelve year old and decided that it was not very interesting. The following year I found The Perfumed Garden and The Karma Sutra held greater appeal for me.

Because I read the The Perfumed Garden and The Karma Sutra, I was influenced heavily in my worldview to see life as an animal. Except, unlike animals, I could think and evaluate my experiences. Some six years later, speaking from experience, my life was spiritually empty.

Once more, I read the (The Living) Bible from Genesis to Job. This did not help me. So I decided to seek the resurrected Jesus. After earnestly seeking God to reveal Jesus to me, eventually, the Son of God appeared to me. Something happened to me at the time, because I received an assurance of joy that I did not possess. This has never left me.

Am I indoctrinated like the scoffers like to claim in their ignorance? Do I care if they scoff at me when they doubt my experience and testimony? What I know is that if they had the joy that I have, scoffers would not be so foolish to make such fools of themselves.

Do I rely upon my experience? Doesn't everybody rely upon his or her experience?Everybody relies upon their experience unless they are indoctrinated to believe what they are taught.

Indoctrination is what occurs when people sit in chairs, and listen to teachers or instructors too long, as they are taught what to think before they are tested to see if they can regurgitate what they have been told.

However, if people reason with God, they will learn the truth. This is actually what is written in the Bible:
  • “Come now, and let us reason together,” says Yahweh: “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. Though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” (Isaiah 1:18)
Experience is what leads us to trust people or sources of information. People who lack experience, and who make out they know something, usually are regurgitators. What they have to say usually has a degree of putrefaction about it. But those who speak from truth can only tell you what they have come to know is true.

What has amazed me, now that I know Lord Jesus Christ and have been baptized in the Holy Spirit, I have been shown truths in the Bible that I could not see beforehand. I have recognized the truth of the Ten Commandments which are the only words that God Himself wrote. I have discovered principles that work in everyone’s life that lead to success. I have learned the prophetic accuracy of the Bible is trustworthy. I have learned the relationship that I now possess with Lord Jesus Christ is what God desires for everyone human being. I have since investigated philosophies of men and instead of finding wisdom, I have found foolishness when compared to what I have learnt from the Bible. The truths of the Bible surpass anything that has been developed in the humanities. But then truth is superior to falsehood any day.

Do I rely on experience or other people’s views? I rely upon experience. And my experience is that the Bible is truly the written word of God to mankind.

The Ten Commandments Were Designed For You To Enjoy And Possess Life

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