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STARVATION IS NOT SOMETHING PEOPLE LOOK FORWARD TO, YET PEOPLE WILL GO WITHOUT FOOD WILLINGLY. Not Everybody Looks Forward To Fasting, But People Fast In Different Ways. Some people are prepared to fast for days on end, others will give up after skipping lunch.

Harry Riches
Harry Riches · Requested by Anonymous

14 days drinking one bowl of powdered soup and drinking water

A friend of mine and I were in a situation where we had no money or food. We did have twenty-eight sachets of chicken-soup powder. While we were waiting for some money to come through, we decided to have a sachet of soup each day and this would be our food. We were expecting a friend to turn up in a couple of weeks, so we would have some food. By the 13th day I was feeling so hungry I thought I was going out of my mind. Anyhow, I lasted another day and the person we were waiting on turned up.

3 days no eating or drinking

I decided to go without food and water for 40 days. After 3 days my blood felt like it was drying up. I stayed in my apartment all the time. When I had a drink of water I could feel it move down to my stomach and then up into my brain before going around the body.

7 days taking Reliv weight-loss powder/ meal replacement

Once, I had tried to see how long I could last just eating a bowl of cornflakes for my meals. That idea lasted two days and I realized that cornflakes were not much value nutritionally.

I took a couple of Lelord Kordel multivitamin tablets every day and often went a day or two without food and felt fine, but found when pushing into the third day, I really needed some food.

When I was introduced to this Reliv product and I saw how much nutrition was in it, I decided to test it out and see how long I would last on it. I took the product three times a day and went for a 30 minute run every morning. I expected to last only a few days, after 7 days, even though I felt great, I started to feel like a steak.

7 days taking Ensure three times a day

After having taken the Reliv weight-loss powder for over a year, the person from whom I was purchasing the product wanted me to buy a year’s supply or he would not sell it to me. Consequently, I went looking for a substitute product. After trying a number of different products that failed the road test of 7 days without food and going for my 30 minute run every day, I came across Ensure. After 7 days, I decided to eat a steak and just take the product as a supplement, not as a meal replacement. But Ensure seemed to do the job.

8 days taking Reliv Classic and ArthAffect

I used to buy a can of Ensure every 20 days. The shop assistants would tell me that only old people took Ensure. I would then tell them that when I was in hospital, the staff refused to give me Ensure because they only gave to old people to keep them alive. Therefore the reason I take Ensure was to ensure that I would never die.

Anyhow, I lost all my cartilage in my left leg and it locked. Xrays showed that I suffered 40% porosity in my left leg as well. The doctor told me that I would be looking at a prosthetic before long (doctors know how to save lives). I consulted my vet to see if I could get some chicken cartilage. He gave me some powdered shark powder and told me give the dog a tablespoon for every 20 lbs of weight. Within three days, I could walk as if nothing was wrong. I took the shark cartilage for 2 months.
During this time, a pharmacist told me about Reliv Arthaffect and that it contains a protein which promotes bone growth. The shark cartilage was beginning to make me feel ill, so I decided to take the advice of the pharmacist. I began taking the multivitamin and herbal detoxifying Reliv Classic and ArthAffect. A couple of years later I road-tested the products and went 8 days without eating and going for 30 minute run. No problems. Just that I felt like a steak was in order on the 9th day.

Five years after taking the Arthaffect, I had a bone test. The bone density of my left leg was that of a twenty year old. Not bad for someone who was 52 yrs old.


I have read that people say they have fasted for forty days. These people have claimed that they have had exceptional spiritual experiences, even though they were not religious. I did not experience any exceptional spiritual experience during any of the above instances.

While I believe it is possible to go without food, I find it difficult to believe a person can survive long without water. Three days was sufficient for me to feel like I was beginning to dry up, and I was not expending energy—I was meditating during this time.

Ram Bahadur Bamjan (Buddha Boy) apparently has gone 10 months without eating or drinking or moving while he meditated under a tree with people watching him. While I can accept that this is possible, providing he is able to obtain water out of the air to replace any that is lost, I have no questions as to the authenticity of the claim.

The reasons for my doubts, apart from my own experience, is that from what I could see, there was no loss of condition in the boy’s face. Quite possibly, he could have slipped away for a short period of time during the night and obtained some sustenance. When my friend and I only had water and a chicken-flavored bowl of water once a day for 14 days, we were losing condition and our faces were gaunt.

Eating foods that are insufficiently nutritious is unhealthy. When it comes to powdered soup or cornflakes, this is equivalent to not eating at all. Merely providing the body with bio-available nutrition ensures that we are healthy and capable of doing strenuous exercise also. However, I am led to believe rats live longer if they eat less.

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