Monday, January 2, 2017

CREATION HAS A PURPOSE IF THE EARTH SPINS AT 1044 MPH, THE MOON REVOLVES AROUND IT AT 2288 MPH, AND TOGETHER THEY ORBIT THE SUN AT 70,000 MPH. For Anybody To Suggest That This Happened By Chance, You Would Think That They Were Just Having You On. But what would you call people who actually want you to believe that this happened by chance because this is what they believe?

Harry Riches
Harry Riches · Answer requested by anonymous person.

The purpose of chapter one of Genesis is the same as the rest of the Bible.

The Bible informs us why we exist. We exist because we were created by the Creator. There is no other reason. People can make up whatever theory they like to imagine how we came into existence, but the only evidence that exists is that we were created.

Evolutionists claim they can provide evidence based on some supposition or something you would expect from Penn and Teller. But they are just hucksters who deceive people and delight in doing so. Magicians entertain. Scientists think they have to entertain as well, when they ought to seek truth. Yet the established assumption that is propagated as fact requires us to believe fantasy. People who have not even lived one hundred years claim they have evidence of what occurred billions of years ago. Yet when asked to produce their evidence, we are given spiel.

The reality is the Creator created the Heavens and the Earth. The Earth spins at a rate of 1040 mph at the equator, while the Moon, travelling at 2288 mph, orbits planet Earth once approximately every thirty days, as they travel together around the Sun every 365.25 days at a speed of some 70,000 mph.

Now according to the so-called experts, who will attempt to indoctrinate you with their spiel, the Moon revolving around a spinning Earth orbiting the Sun like clockwork, but at unbelievable speeds, occurs by chance. Yet, contrary to the mathematical laws of chance (a pure science), this is impossible, unless predetermined.

In the beginning, God created. And what God created was good. There was a time that evil did not exist. Genesis, chapter one, informs us that this is the case. Those who reject it, must realize they were created with freewill for a purpose—surely they cannot be so foolish to think that we are born to die and there is no reason why this is so. Even the atheist Antony Flew recanted; then he denounced his idiocy for rejecting the obvious: man has a maker.

Only Those With Eyes Wide Shut Do Not Want To Acknowledge We Are Created

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