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ONE THIRD OF MANKIND DESTINED TO BE KILLED BY BIOLOGICAL WARFARE. People Reading The Bible Wonder Whether The Prediction That 1/3 Of Mankind Will Be Killed By Nuclear Explosions Or Conventional Warfare. Plagues come about because people do not have clean water, sewage collection and sanitation.

Revelation 9:18: "A third of mankind was killed by the three plagues of fire, smoke and sulfur that came out of their mouths." How is this likely going to happen? Will this be the result of a war, or something unimaginable caused by God? And does this literal mean 1/3 of the current population?

What is interesting about what happens at the blowing of the sixth trumpet is that unlike the other indications of 1/3 of people being destroyed or harmed, this is not stated in symbolic form, but we read “a third of mankind was killed”.

Some theories concerning the army of 2 million that kill with fire, smoke and sulfur are:
  • Demons attacking people.
  • The Turkish invasion of Europe that was stopped at the gates of Vienna.
  • The Muslims forcing the non-Muslims into submission.
  • The Chinese attacking the West.
When it comes to understanding the book of Revelation, there are many interpretations; but, unfortunately, when analysed, they fall short. The main reasons people attempting to interpret the book of Revelation miss the mark:
  1. People overlook that following the comments regarding the seven churches, the prophet is told that he will be shown what is to take place after what has happened to the Seventh Church. This indicates a chronological narrative.
  2. People place events that are clearly stated to occur in the future as having already happened. For example, many wrongly state that events from chapter twelve occurred before the foundation of the world.
  3. Misinterpreting the symbols and what they represent.
  4. Inability to distinguish between what is literal and what is symbolic.
  5. Assuming these events have been continuing to happen simultaneously since the first century AD.
Clearly, the text you query appears to be a future event and not something that has been happening over the two millennia since the prophecy was given to the Apostle.

Since this event occurs during the sounding of the sixth trumpet, this is also going to happen before the Antichrist is revealed. In all probability this event will be one of the major reasons why people are willing to accept a one world government.

The Bible clearly teaches that there will be certain kingdoms set up. Many people wrongly interpret these as ten countries. The evidence has been since the number of the Mark of the Beast was placed upon manufactured goods, that these kingdoms are going to be economic regions. Originally, ten regions were designated, but these regions have changed. We are now looking at seven economic regions with three states being exempted, which will become one—in line with what is predicted in the Bible.

This event will not occur until about eighteen years from now. Meanwhile, many people who are being indoctrinated into believing the lies that are promulgated within the disinformation system (disingenuously called “education” rather than “indoctrination”). The evidence is that this prophecy appears to point to chemical warfare—or maybe, biological. Fire, smoke and sulfur does convey an allusion to what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. But this does not speak of brimstone. So it is possible this could be some weapon that, if not yet developed, is still to be developed.

When speaking of the number of people who are killed, the world’s population is currently (August 2016) close to 7.5 billion. In twenty years time, this will be approaching 10 billion. The Georgia Guidestones indicate that there are those who believe the global population ought to be be 500 million. Therefore, we can see some Dr. Evil (maybe a funder of Open Societies) who believes that there is a need to restrict population growth by a major culling of the population. Dr Francis Boyle says that the US has spent over 100 billion on developing biological warfare.

A massive culling will be required to bring the population of the world back to the ideal that is proposed by those from the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, Council of Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs, and the United Nations, etc. Those who are engineering this have to do so in a way that people will be crying out to them to help them. In the event biological agents are released for the purpose of population control and procreation prevention prove ineffective, then suicide warriors may be required to do the job, and consequently, one third of the world’s population is exterminated. Current events indicate how this could be done.

The Days That Lie Ahead Require People to Have A Sound Understanding Of Truth

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