Monday, January 9, 2017

IGNORANCE IS HIGH ON THE LIST OF MOST PEOPLE TODAY. Unbelievable The Same People Often Claim They Are Educated Critical Thinkers; Unfortunately for them, they do overlook critically examining their own futility, having been born to die. Busy lifestyles may be a valid excuse for some, because they nothing but slaves to the system.

Harry Riches
Harry Riches · Answer requested by an anonymous person

The ignorance of the ignorant is astounding. Worse is the fact that many of these ignoramuses claim to be educated and, in their deception, deceive themselves even more by asserting superiority of thought in the name of scientism. They possess attitudes typical of faux scientists, who exercise an uncritical application of quasi-scientific methods as they purport to seek how to understand the Universe, and provide as evidence, claims of fact—even though these claims cannot be demonstrably proven. Yet when it comes to the historical evidence that is demonstrably true within the Bible, contrary to scientific method, they typically dismiss this, because they are assert they are scientists.

A true scientist seeks to disprove something by producing the evidence; not by making an assertion and then developing methodologies to fool those who might question that assertion. Likewise a true scholar ensures that the sources quoted are absolutely bona fide eyewitnesses or they have supporting evidence to authenticate the claims made by the source.

Historically, the Bible is proven true. Those who have actually bothered to trace the footsteps of The Exodus have found artifacts that testify to the biblical account. Noah’s Ark has been found and measured, and confirmed as conforming to the exact criteria within the Scriptures. Sodom and Gomorrah have been found. While they are only three accounts that have been confirmed, there are many more.

Not only is the Bible historically accurate, it also contains accurate prophecy that is relevant today. The fact that every manufactured product today has the predicted number 666 on it, so that people cannot buy or sell what has been manufactured without that number is rather incredible, since that prediction was made nearly two thousand years. Not to mention the fact that Israel was granted nationhood in 1947 in accord with a prophecy found in the book of Ezekiel (2600 years ago). Also there is prophecy (circa 600 BC) that predicts the source of Islam, the prophet Muhammad to the very year that he claimed to have been visited by the angel Gabriel—610 AD.

Whether people accept the Bible’s accuracy is a matter of their own destiny, because the Bible states that the first man and woman were not created to die. Rather they were created to have descendants and enjoy life without the effects of sin—the violation of trust within relationships. Instead, people today celebrate the breaking up of relationships (divorce parties are part of  the West's culture now) and are heading towards a disaster that is so destructive, Lord Jesus Christ said that if He does not come back, the whole world would be destroyed. (Ever wonder why there are underground cities, numerous redoubts being built by the one-per-centers, and seeds are being stored at Svalbard Global Seed Vault? Nuclear War might be a clue.)

Instead of How do you make someone understand that the Bible isn't a valid basis of facts? maybe a better and more useful question might be, Why Is The Bible Always Proven Trustworthy?

The Ten Commandments Point To The Truth: Humans Are Subject To Death

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