Sunday, December 11, 2016

THE ONE THING JESUS CAN BE STOPPED FROM DOING, EVEN THOUGH HE IS THE SON OF GOD. As The Son Of God Jesus Overcame Death, Which Is Not Something We Can Do. Yet there is one thing that we can stop Jesus from doing.

Harry Riches
Happy Riches Answer requested by Muhammed S

If there were to be anything that I would stop Lord Jesus Christ from doing, I would choose not to be judged for my sins.
Fortunately, I have recognized that this is the reason the Son of God came to Earth and took on human form, so that He could redeem what had been taken captive by the Evil One.
As Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God gave up His human life for the sin of the world, so that He could be the scapegoat for every person’s sin. Whoever accepts the Son of God has taken away the sin that prevented anyone from being reconciled to God, can be united with our Heavenly Father through faith in the death and resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ.
The death of Jesus enabled Him to leave a will. This will is that all people who accept His righteousness as their own righteousness can be saved from eternal punishment for their unrighteous acts, providing they repent from their evil ways and exercise faith towards God, trusting that He has the power to raise the dead—including themselves.
The fact that the Son of God has provided an inheritance for all to receive also indicates that those who reject their inheritance have chosen to disregard what is rightfully theirs in preference to doing their own thing. Lord Jesus Christ became sin and by His righteousness demonstrated that the world was judged as unrighteous. This also gave Lord Jesus Christ the right to judge everyone according to the righteousness that He has upheld when in the form of a biological being. The Ten Commandments provide us with knowledge of this righteous.—You can scoff, but if you fail to keep one of them, you have failed in keeping them all.
Naturally, having considered the options, and earnestly desiring to know the truth, the one thing I did not want to do is be judged for my wrongdoing and then have to suffer eternally. I could have conceitedly expressed my opinion and told God that I did not want to accept that He was greater than me, for I am capable of overcoming death without His help, and if fail, I will take my own chances on the other side of the curtain. But since I have learnt that being beaten up by boys with bigger toys is a futile exercise, I decided to wise up. However, merely believing in something that is a theory is the not the same as entering into a relationship.
Now that I have the assurance of an abiding relationship with Lord Jesus Christ in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the one idea that I would not like to countenance is rejecting this salvation that I have obtained. To do this, I would have to fall in love with sin again; also, with my own self-righteousness. But why be self-righteous and puffed up with conceit and misinformation, only to claim that my opinion, and that of others, to be the truth, when none of these opinions cannot be truly scientifically proven in the now.

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