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BUDDHISM'S EIGHTFOLD PATH COMPARED TO THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. Little Do People Seeking For Insight And The Reasons For Existence Understand The Difference Between Instruction By The Omniscient One And An Ignorant Human. Yet every mere mortal is capable of recognizing that eight-fold plan leads to nowhere.

Harry Riches
Happy Riches Answer requested by Chrysovalantis Anastasiades

The eight-fold path grew out of observations made by a Hindu who rejected the futility of the Hinduism. His observation was that people suffer and this world is controlled by the futility of suffering and death.
In actual fact, the eight-fold path does correlate to the Ten Commandments. Below is the Buddha’s observations converted so they can be compared to the Ten Commandments:
  1. Observe right concentration
  2. Develop right mindfulness
  3. Put in right effort
  4. Practice right livelihood
  5. Cultivate right actions
  6. Cultivate right speech
  7. Develop the right intention
  8. Develop the right view
  9. The cessation of desire is the end of suffering
  10. Suffering exists because of desire
Purists might not like the fact that the eight-fold path has been changed so they can be compared with the Ten Commandments. However, they were an effort by a thinker to work out some reason why people exist; although finishing up without anything that is substantial really undermines the man’s efforts.
Buddha’s list is the conceptualizing of his observations of life; which some believe are precepts offering the best way for a human to overcome what appears to be the hopelessness and futility of being born only to suffer then die.
Hearing God’s voice surpasses that of hearing the voice of a man.

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