Monday, December 12, 2016

THE LAST DAYS ARE COMING UPON US FAST. Already We Are Seeing Evil Behavior Being Declared Good And Good Behavior Being Labelled Evil. Political Correctness is largely responsible for this, but really there is another entity behind it all.

The bible talks about in the last days there is going to be a lot of deception.
It seems that "spin" is becoming more and more acceptable as a euphemism for lying. How can we know what is right and what is wrong, error or just plain evil dressed up to look good?

Harry Riches
Happy Riches answers 

Good and evil have always existed. For those who truly want to understand good from evil, there is a book that tells us what this is from an absolute sense. Unless we have a standard to measure good from evil, we cannot know which is what, for we might think evil to be good and good to be evil. This is why the Ten Commandments were written: so that people could understand the difference between good action and evil action.
Good and evil is not a set of rules. Many think that good and evil is about a set of rules that can be broken like cheating when playing the board game Snakes and Ladders.
The aim of the game Snakes and Ladders might be about getting to the top of the board with one’s marker without being taken by a snake. According to the rules of the game, this advancement occurs because the number of the thrown dice nominates the number of squares the individual has to move. Each individual player is required to move to the square determined by the number that is shown on top of the dice when they are thrown, even if this is where the poison fangs are located. But people can easily count less or more numbers than are on the dice and the world does not end. They are just cheats and not honorable players. Since this is a game, there are no real consequences, unless the game is being played for something other than the fun of it. At least, this is what people like to think—the subtlety of sin is just like an invisible speck of rot.
Nevertheless, if the game of snakes and ladders is being played for serious stuff, like one would play Russian roulette with a loaded gun, when there is only one of the six chambers containing a bullet, then snakes and ladders takes on a different dimension. Evil, not good, lies behind the intent for playing the game.
When it comes to life, even today, nothing has changed from yesteryear. Sin is the evil that causes us to violate our rights to love one another and to love our Creator. People hate the word “sin”, but it is a fitting term, and simply means violation of personal rights as outlined in the Ten Commandments. Therefore, understanding the Ten Commandments is critical to being fully cognizant to what is good and what is truly evil.
Most people do not know the Ten Commandments. A very small number —actually an infinitesimal number—of people within the scheme of the world’s total population have ever understood the Ten Commandments. In fact, I have yet to meet anybody, claiming to know the Ten Commandments, who can accurately quote them. Every person who has made the claim to me has fallen short when attempting to validate their claim. Not one has got the first commandment correct. Sadly, so far, every one, who has attempted to demonstrate to me that he or she knows the Ten Commandments, has fallen short on the first commandment and has demonstrated an unhealthy lack of understanding when it comes to the rest—especially when these individuals claim to pride themselves on their intelligence and knowledge.
So to answer your question: you can know what is good and evil, but you have to repent from your dead works and demonstrate faith in God first. Unless a person is set free from evil, a person cannot know good.
There is a book that briefly covers numerous disciplines in respect to the social sciences while demonstrating the depth of the Ten Commandments as it outlines what is good and evil. The book: The Only Words Written By The Words Of God. Read the book and you will enlightened. Those who do actually read it, come away wishing they had known the depth of the simplicity of the Ten Commandments and their comprehensiveness when they had first become Christians. These individuals realized that their lives would have been much rosier if they had been previously informed of the implications of good and evil, and the extent to which they permit their lives to be controlled by outside forces.

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