Wednesday, December 21, 2016

REAL NEWS IS FAKE NEWS TO SCOFFERS WHO DO NOT WANT TO ACCEPT TRUTH. A Formal Encounter With Jesus Will Occur At The His Second Coming. Meanwhile many have encounters are informal but they are never off the record because those who encounter Jesus have a worthwhile experience to share.

Harry Riches
Harry Riches Answer requested by Brandon Gatz

After having been a Christian for about a year, as I drove down a hill towards the racecourse near where I lived, a man about 1000 feet tall appeared standing in the racecourse just before the grandstand. The man had a beard and very dark brown hair flowing down to his shoulders. He outstretched his hand towards me and indicated that I should come to him. When I got to the racecourse the man disappeared. That man, I believe, was Lord Jesus Christ.
A month later, Lord Jesus Christ appeared again and indicated for me to come to Him by curling his finger and hand pulling it towards himself. This time He was some ten miles away from where I first saw Him standing in racecourse. Then as I drove down the hill, Lord Jesus Christ disappeared.
The following month, I looked up from a roof that I happened to be working on and Lord Jesus appeared to me standing in front of a low mountain range. This time He must have been about twenty miles away. Again, Lord Jesus was indicating to me with His hand to follow Him.
Since then, Lord Jesus Christ has appeared before me on numerous occasions, but not 1000 feet tall, as He did those three times. Sometimes, when I see what looks like Lord Jesus, I think it has to be angel. Other times, I think this must be some a holographic image produced by the Spirit of God. But there are those times Lord Jesus Christ appears and I know that this is definitely Him, even though He does not speak.

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