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THE EXCLAMATION "OH MY GOD" IS THOUGHT BY SOME TO BE BLASPHEMY. Blasphemy Of The Holy Spirit Is An Unforgivable Sin. When a person blurts out "oh my god" this does not necessarily mean that the Creator God is being blasphemed..

Harry Riches

Harry Riches Answer requested by Rey Ed

When Americans blurt out, “Oh my god!” maybe they are not making a reference to the Lord God Creator of the Universe. Maybe they are calling on some other god and violating the first commandment of the Decalogue, which states that you shall have no God’s before me—providing you understand who “me” happens to be.

The only sin that Jesus said would not be forgiven was blasphemy of the Holy Spirit
  • Therefore I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. And whoever says a word against the Son of man will be forgiven; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.(Matthew 12:31-32)
One of the many problems that seems to be universal is people have such a poor understanding of the Ten Commandments, which is evident in that they do not comprehend what taking God’s name in vain (the third commandment of the Decalogue) actually constitutes. Tragically, people perish and suffer unnecessarily because of their lack of truth. The third commandment is one injunction that is misinterpreted. Worse still, people who claim to know the Bible have no understanding of the what the first of the Ten Commandments actually means. For if they did, I am sure they would not be calling out to one of their many gods to help them (the god of many names). Those who know the true God, today, always call upon Lord Jesus Christ.

To illustrate my point. A Christian woman, I once met, told me of two instances whereupon she called out to Lord Jesus Christ to help her, and He did.

The first instance was when her husband (a non-Christian/unbeliever—atheist, maybe?) had her pinned to the floor and grabbed a knife. Upon her calling out to Lord Jesus Christ, her husband immediately froze and released her, disorientated.

The second incidence occurred when a man attempted to assault her one night when she was walking home. She called upon Lord Jesus Christ to help her and the man fled
In both of those circumstances, if she did not know Lord Jesus Christ, she might have called out, “Oh my god,” but that would have been in vain. Demons are not in the habit of helping their victims.

From my understanding of the Scriptures, the first commandment is being violated when people call out “my god” indiscriminately. Although, Americans may claim they believe in God, we know that the majority of them only pay lip service.

Judgment is coming upon America as it is coming upon Europe, for they claim to be Christian Nations when in fact they are heathen. Now this is blasphemy.

Claiming the Lord God’s name in vain is blasphemy; but not calling out to one of your favorite demons by demonstrating uncertainty as to who is God.

For those who know the Lord God (the Lord God is One, what is His name and what is His son's name?), happen to know Him by name and they have a very intimate relationship with Him through Lord Jesus Christ.

The Difference Between Blasphemy And Calling Out To The Unknown God

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