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SOME PEOPLE LIKE TO JOKE ABOUT BECOMING A CHRISTIAN RATHER THAN FEASTING ON PORNOGRAPHY. Individuals Like To Do Their Own Thing, Some Even Seek The Truth. Most people are too busy trying to learn their way around the rate maze that they do not think to reflect upon how short-lived their existence is going to be on Earth and that all their effort in chasing the tail of another rat will have been in vain.

Two years ago, I started to study the Bible intensely in order to seek God and become a Christian. I have not yet made a decision; I would consider myself "lukewarm" (in reference to Revelation 3:14-18 NIV). 

I think that the major problem is that the very basics of Christianity (Jesus is the son of God and died for our sins) don't resonate with me. They never have, and I had hoped this would change as I study the bible, but that wasn't the case. I am simply not convinced yet.

Should I now "just" become a Christian / be baptized (and hope that through prayers, reading the bible, and applying the bible, I will start to believe), should I walk away, or should I continue to seek God? (If so, how?)

Harry Riches
Happy Riches  Answer requested by Anonymous

Why should I become or not become a Christian?

Your problem appears to be that you do not want to become a Christian, you only want to read about something. Actually, to me your question seems to be disingenuous, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt and provide an answer, just in case I am wrong—which has high probability because I lack omniscience.

Your question reminds me of an anecdote concerning a school teacher who knew everything a word processor could do. He even knew the various makes and how their different models functioned. Then he belittled a person who knew how to type with ten fingers, without looking at the keys, for being so ignorant not to possess the information he possessed but was only capable of typing.

(Fancy knowing how to type with ten fingers on a word processor and not have the ability to regurgitate information about the different models and functions of word processors.)

The school teacher had a lot of useless information about equipment that is of no value today. The person who knows how to type with ten fingers is still capable of enjoying the experience of being able to type with ten fingers without having to look where the fingers have to go. A very handy ability, especially when typing other people’s quotes and the person is a journalist or a writer.

If you want to experience the reality of God, seek Him out. But if you think that you are going to get closer to God by reading the Bible and analyzing its validity by reading other people’s commentary, forget it. That is like you wanting to know another person and never meeting them, but you feel you might know about them because you read a book. Or someone else’s commentary about a biography that someone else wrote about the person.

Socrates existed, but no one really knows him. Socrates died and people have to accept what Plato has to say about him. But you will not get to know Socrates. He did not rise from the dead and there is no testimony that he did. However, there is testimony of Jesus having risen from the dead.

I can tell you that I know Lord Jesus Christ but not because I read a book. I know Lord Jesus Christ because I have a relationship with Him. Like any relationship there are issues. In my case, when it comes to my relationship with Lord Jesus Christ, the issues are to do with myself. But a relationship is not something a person has with a book, unless you have an unhealthy obsession and happen to be a bibliolater.

The other thing I notice that you seemingly sarcastically ask, “Should I believe?”
What are you going to believe? That a million years ago something happened. Many people believe myths about events that did not occur and of which they have no proof, merely theories—which they claim to be facts. Of course, the clued up, know they are talking nonsense, when claiming theories to be actual facts. Being a realist, I like real evidence, not possibilities or maybes or computer models.

If you want to believe in myths, you will end up with wishful thinking. If you want to know truth, you will want evidence, and you will seek it. Most people, having been conditioned by their schooling, only believe what they have been indoctrinated to believe. If you want to break out of the mold and be radical, seek God yourself, and ask Him to reveal Lord Jesus Christ to you. If you don’t, you are not serious. The truth is as simple as that really.

The fact is that you are responsible for your own decisions and if you think that you are merely born to die and this is part of the evolutionary process, then that becomes your decision if you believe that. But if you think that being born to die is a futile existence when analyzed from a rational perspective, and that there has to be a reason for being here (as well as for the sun to exist, the seasons to exist, the moon to exist) that is of a metaphysical nature, then you will begin to think for yourself. In thinking for yourself, you should come up with the question: If there is intelligence, there has to be a source who possesses intelligence? How can I know that source? By calling out to Him!

Think in terms of knocking on the door of a stranger's house and you are in serious need of help—Is anybody home!

But bear in mind, if you are not sincere, He probably would not bother answering you. Really, would you expect the President of United States to drop everything and heed your cry? Just look at how many people he dismisses and does not give the time of day. Although, unlike the President, the Omniscient One knows your thoughts and your intentions, whether you are genuine or just an insincere fool playing games. If you are genuine, Lord Jesus Christ will reveal Himself to you.

The Only Words Written By God Are To Do With Relationships, Not A Proposition

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