Monday, December 19, 2016

JESUS CHRIST RETURNS IN IN THE YEAR 2020 AND WE CAN EXPECT UNBELIEVABLE CHAOS. The Evidence That This Is Not When Jesus Christ Will Be Returning. Much has to happen before Lord Jesus Christ returns because certain prophecies have to be fulfilled.

Harry Riches
Harry RichesAnswer requested by anonymous

Lord Jesus Christ will not be returning in the middle of 2020. The Summer Solstice (Winter Solstice for those down under) will pass and Lord Jesus will not have returned. June and July will pass and the Antichrist will not have appeared.
The reason why I can say with certainty that Lord Jesus Christ will not return in four years, even though the Last Trump is close, there are certain events that have to be fulfilled. The world is heading for the a One World Government, but it will not be happening in the next four years, even though in one sense there is already a One World Government, because the world is run by the central banks, which all answer in some way to the Bank of International Settlements. But this is not the One World Government that The Antichrist will attempt to institute.
However, the return of Lord Jesus Christ will be facilitated when more people become Christians. The Bible does say that when the number of the Gentiles is complete then that day will happen, but not before. One thing for sure, those who are alive will need to be more aware of what the milk of the word is if they are to be numbered among those who are to be caught up to meet Lord Jesus Christ when He appears in the clouds.
Here is one prediction that exists in the Bible: Return, O Lord, to the ten thousand thousands of Israel (Numbers 10:36).
There will have to be at least 10 million inhabitants in Israel before Lord Jesus Christ returns. At the rate of 50,000 immigrants a year, the immigration rate will have to speed up if there are to be 10 million Jews living in Israel in four years time. An increase in antisemitism in Europe might help the process. And that is only one prophetic indicator that has to be fulfilled. There are many more.

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