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GAY MARRIAGE DOWN UNDER IS NOT SETTLED AS LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE TURNS TO MURDEROUS THREATS AND MANY OTHERS ARE OUTRAGED BY RESULTS OF POSTAL SURVEY NOT COMPLETED BY FOUR MILLION VOTERS. The Gay Lobby Of Activists Who Are More Intent On Destroying Families Than Committing Acts Of Sodomy Among Themselves Are Still Threatening Politicians. The politicians have yet to vote on making the same sex marriage legal, but the true colors are showing.

Columnist Andrew Bolt exclaims:
I thought gay marriage was about love and acceptance...

Meanwhile, an incensed Tom Palmer has this to say:

Strong Objection to Same Sex Marriage

Today, 15 day  of November, 2017 the integrity and morality of Australia went down the 6” plastic sewage pipe.

 Our erstwhile marginally elected Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull – proudly and loudly announced verbatim “ the Australian people have and now we must  move forward immediately and get this thing done by Christmas.”

An interesting fact is that Mr. Turnbull was the bright and aspiring young lawyer who went to America to see to the particulars of bringing pornography to Australia (ABC Lateline Emma Alberici  On the Death of Hugh Hefner Oct 2017).

Along with that was debate in our Parliament regarding censure-ship. Subsequently that was liberalized as we know.

Then the next new tolerance was the demand for divorce, no fault – any one can obtain it at anytime after 12 months separation.

Justice Lionel Murphy (Labor Senator) was the Chief Justice who drew up the Bill, which was subsequently passed by the Federal Parliament.

And so we see an endless parade in the Family Courts and families broken up and destroyed.
So what happened next; once the litigating party had obtained their “so called freedom,” they married again.

Obviously, the children were the ones to suffer the ones that suffer the most. And in many cases in most unsatisfactory conditions. Then unbelievably approximately 2 out of 3 of those marriages divorced; with another batch of misplaced children.

Today most people just live together and do not bother with marriage. Why then are the LGBTI (minority) so adamant about marriage?

The answer is – they have an agenda. They want to reduce our freedoms, propagate their filth, negate
freedom of speech and blaspheme against religion.

Same Sex Marriage – without prejudice

This is biggest lie since Hitler informed Neville Chamberlain that he was not going to invade Poland.
Same Sex Marriage began as something to curtail bullying in schools- what is that to do with it?

Bill Shorten and his erstwhile buddy and billionaire Lindsay Fox, earlier this 2017 attempted to implement -so called “safe trucking” in the state of Queensland.

Of course it was not about safe trucking – not one inch of highway was improved – but it was about TWU taking control of transport – for the complete benefit of Linfox. Did people miss this one?

John Howard would not allow a Bill of Rights to be tabled in parliament- because we all understood
that our human rights were as sacrosanct as  the Magna Carta.

The Gays want to suppress religion esp. Christianity- and regard any speech denigrating the NEW discrimination laws -as offence (especially in regard to sodomy) and will be punishable under the NEW

What an irony- where a minority of 0.06% of the population of a sovereign country can completely control the “Total” framework of the statutory laws of a reprehensibly moral and ethical weak nation.         

Parents’ Rights
(Interview Michael Stead – Anglican Synod -Sydney) James Paterson Bill (conscientious objection now withbedrawn from Parliament)
Parents will not be able to withdraws their children from any school that wants to teach the NEW agenda- regarding “same sex marriage.”


Most people in Australia now withdraw from Religion – rather they embrace Atheism.

Interview ABC Radio National Fran Kelly and Rev. Stead 8:20am 16/11/2017

Following this interview (above) w/- Ms Kelly, she then had Dean Smith gush  his joy in a little effeminate voice.
He assures us – that we have nothing to fear- his Bill is already in Parliament today, and the debate and amendments will now flow? So be assured that the sun will come up tomorrow!

Regarding the intersex programme – we already have had the WA University spend 1.25 million dollars on Unisex toilets at their establishment.

So a homosexual or pervert or rapist or pedophile can have access to these facilities, where young male and female students may need to use and any other females are at the whim of these dirty, filthy creatures

ABC Radio National (prior to 8:30 am  Thurs 16 Nov. 2017.)

Tom Palmer.

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