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ANGRY MAN EXPRESSES HIS VIEWS ON LESBIANS,GAYS,HOMOSEXUALS,TRANSVESTITES,THE PERVERTED, AND HERMAPHRODITES. Australian Cooked Postal Survey Has Been Taken And Even Though Most Of The Population Say "NO" To Same Sex Marriage, The "Yes" Postal Vote Wins. There is much talk about intimidation and the vote being tampered with, but little is said by the majority, except one man is mad.

Bill Bonner is very upset that the Australians have voted "Yes" To Anal Sex as being normal, and Lesbians having the right to claim that they are equal to a heterosexual couple and ought to be recognized as capable of rearing children, even though they cannot produce children. He writes :

Same sex marriage
I am deeply opposed to Same sex marriage. It is totally against God’s order of things Romans 1:17-25. To have the favour of God we must love what God loves and hate what God hates. We must not entertain our own ideas of what morality should be. God hates homosexuality and lesbianism and any kind of sexual perversion. God hates perversion of any kind. Both the Old and New Testaments support this view. If you don’t want to believe the Bible that is your choice, but just because you don’t believe it doesn't make it less true -and there is a price to be paid for that lack of belief (Genesis 19:1-23, 24 [Sodom and Gomorrah], Luke 16:19-31 etc.) It is this very resistance to the Gospel’s message that permits humans to entertain these perverted lifestyles in the first place. If people believed in God they would fear and honour Him and not desire to pervert His will from that which was intended. The intentions of God are very plain and cannot be confused with any Same Sex agendas. “Male and female He created them and that they should cleave together” (Genesis 1:27, 2:21-25).      

Insemination can only occur if a male inseminates a female whether through sexual intercourse, or nowadays, through Invetro Fertilization programs. In either case it is necessary for male sperm and a female ovary in order for a child to be conceived. Future contact and relationship with the natural birth parents cannot be prohibited and to do so is the violation of a basic human right. However, any such future contact will cause initial emotional distress to both child, birth parents and also surrogate parents, so any claim that Same Sex Marriage unions make, that a child is raised emotionally harm free, are negated.  Unqualified emotional damage may be done, for it is yet to be ascertained with sufficient statistics the effect of these planned sociological changes. Insufficient studies have been conducted on this untried sociological experiment and the purveyors of this intention should have demonstrated far more care responsibility and thought than they have on a matter of such importance to the very fabric of society and its future.    

Same Sex Marriage Equality is an affront to the memory of our parents, grandparents and ancestors and their values, It is an affront to their human rights even though they are no longer with us and could we look them square in the eye and feel comfortable about ourselves? We should hold dear what they held dear. This is honour.

The Same Sex Marriage Equality demand is a distorted view of human rights. It demands a right that now supersedes any other rights. It is the new kid on the block and has its permanence by permission of the unsuspecting and largely apathetic, ignorant tolerant. Furthermore, it ignores the rights of yet unborn generations and their inability to speak.

Additionally our way of life was established well and truly before any idea of these alternative lifestyles. It is fundamentally unethical to take thousands of years of long held established and world wide, traditional -not views -but values – and supplant them with an untried sociological experiment on the whim of a bunch of selfish, capricious and perverted minority beings and without thought for repercussions of such actions, not just for the immediate future, but the long term effects of a twisted society who have moved far away from God’s values. They are selfish not because of their lifestyle only, but because they are not content with leaving the way they live in the privacy of their own home, but must flaunt it in the face of everyone and force them into acceptance of it on a national level.  We the majority should not be forced to feel wrong because of them. 

I am a mere vulnerable human being. I have a right to live with my fellow human beings in peace and tranquility and without the thought that their actions are going to bring down the judgment of God upon society and thereby truncate my life also, or at the very least cause me to see and experience the traumatic spectacle of the wrath of God and - we will bring down the judgment of God upon us. I despair of my own humanity. All human so called rights will be challenged by no less than God if we go down this path. People are being forced into acceptance and the consequences of that acceptance and, in the main, they remain largely ignorant of those consequences and prefer to remain so, to preserve the name and perception of tolerance. 

The same sex marriage equality minority insist that it is their basic human right to live in this manner. Whilst they insist on their rights, they and those that support them, fail to realise that the traditionalists also have rights -and these rights ,which they have had for centuries, are now being threatened. These rights are:

        freedom of thought,

        freedom of speech,

        freedom of worship,

        parental rights,

        freedom of education and

        freedom of conscience in respect of business and professional conduct.      

Instead of freedom, in fact the reverse is threatened, by violation of anti-discrimination laws specifically targeting those with a conscience toward God.

Just because other nations have accepted this philosophy doesn’t mean that Australia has to in the name of, or to be seen as progressive. Conformity has huge dangers. 

Those who are trying to orchestrate these changes, are they prepared to accept the unforeseen consequences that will arise from such a massive shift in sociological thinking?

What if these flawed individuals proposing and initiating this new sociological experiment are mere pawns in a much bigger game? 

This is Desecration! Do You want to be part of this?
I am deeply disturbed about this. I don’t want to live in or, be a part of a society that condones homosexual and lesbian conduct. I can’t force my values on society. God does not even do that although, at some point, every human being that has ever lived on the face of the earth will be forced to yield to Him - and I would not like to be in the shoes of those who have rebelled against Him and thumbed their noses at His values.   

        it is a desecration of our most sacred values

        it desecrates our history

        it desecrates the memory of what our parents stood for

        it murders the idea of a properly constituted society for future generations

        it is the perverted ideas of a minority against a majority

        it is bullying

        it is capricious

        it is hideously flawed

        it is shameless         

Those who want to live in this shameless way, let them. But don’t call it marriage. They should not be afforded the rights that legitimately married people have. Don’t equate their lifestyle with that of people who have legitimately married before God, or acknowledged their gender, even if before a civil celebrant.

The Same Sex Marriage Equality platform is using scandalous means to promote their wickedness by using unqualified, yet loud and influential voices to back their argument. Eg.  entertainers and politicians

Many people are ill informed about this subject and its deeper repercussions, implications and ramifications. It attacks:

         free speech and the right to worship

         parental rights

         education and human rights

         the psychological makeup of children

         it affords rights to those who should not have such rights e.g. pedophiles- refer to Safe Schools Program

Child Rearing
The philosophy of Same Sex Marriage rearing is flawed at it very genus i.e. an impressionable child starts out with a distorted view of the sociology of, not just human interaction, but all biological action and function.  

Same Sex Marriage Equality murders the idea of a properly constituted society for future generations. This, in itself cannot in any way be construed as not harmful. Murder, is unacceptable in any society. People usually accept murder to be the taking of another’s life without authority and the very idea of it is abhorrent to most people. So why is it not abhorrent that a minority of humans want to murder, not a person, but an idea, a psychological framework set up in the very DNA of the human being by nature itself, or if you like by God, and thereby murder not one or two people (bad enough in itself), but generations, if not their personal longevity, certainly their public and private perceptions of themselves, which in terms of numbers may be worse than literal murder? This may sound a little melodramatic, however, this is only a layman’s limited perception of the awesomeness of the yet unconsidered consequences of the intended changes to our sociology by the selfish few.           

Some, already brought up by same sex gender parents, are being used to falsely demonstrate the benefits of their same sex gender nurturing. We do not have sufficient psychological or psychiatric data to demonstrate the truth of these early claims. Some of these individuals may be deeply psychologically flawed and yet not be aware of it.   

Heterosexual Marriage and Child Nurture
It is a sad indictment on Heterosexual unions that children have not always benefited as well as they might have done had the attitudes and efforts of the parents been more positive.  This is testimony as to why heterosexual marriage is so important and why the same sex marriage equality camp have so much ammunition against traditional marriages. However, it should be understood that marriage is God’s idea and with His teachings firmly as our guide and a personal relationship with Him paramount in our lives, marriage has so much more meaning and becomes a life time focus of our efforts and not just a Hollywood ceremony lasting six weeks, or six years, but a lifetime commitment of both partners to child rearing and positive influences to community objectives of safe, God honouring goals. 

The Young Generation
A real shepherd could not stand by and watch the sheep in his care herded toward a pack of wolves without trying to do something to prevent their destruction. The young are in the care of their parents and the adult authorities that govern our society. This young generation is like the sheep in the above illustration and there exist a pack of wolves ready to devour them. These wolves are the minority insisting on Same Sex Marriage Equality and the Safe Schools Program. 

I am frankly amazed and deeply disillusioned at the caliber of leadership shown in this country, of the lack of moral fiber and the ignorance and irresponsibility of authority figures over this matter.  As a child growing up I was taught, perhaps naively, to trust authority figures like teachers, policemen, and government officials, however today it is these very same authority figures who are leading our children like the Pied Piper of Hamlin down to destruction and I shake my head in disbelief at what I hear Churchmen and authority figures saying. Where is their conscience? They sit and moralise over matters of political correctness and then calmly perpetrate, possibly the worst crime of betrayal in human history against the human race, second to obliterating ourselves from the planet by nuclear explosion, through this monstrous sociological experiment and with the sole purpose of destroying marriage, a God ordained and God honouring institution made only between a man and a woman.

It is utterly perplexing to think that people of the same gender should be interested in each other sexually when both genders are so obviously different from each other and yet complement each other perfectly biologically for the reproduction and nurture of the social unit known as the family, that unit which makes up a society which in turn makes up a nation.  

Populist and faddish trends among the young
Young people are still trying to find their feet in a complex world and have not seen enough real experience of life to be qualified to make such lofty social judgments that are required on such an important matter as this. Often it is idealism and the excitement of the untried and new that motivates the young in what can only be referred to as a dangerous social experiment, the ramifications of which have not been made clear. Because of their youth they see things often to their credit as grossly unfair and their zeal for justice should be applauded; if only it were but tempered with wisdom. However, rarely can you put an old head on young shoulders and they unfortunately are populist and faddish in their opinions and moral judgments, frequently leaping to the moral high ground advocating tolerance non judgmentalism and a live and let live philosophy of life none of which is wrong in and of itself except when it is ill informed and lacks the clarity of discernment. For this reason I strongly advise against these young people being included in what must surely be regarded as an illegal voting procedure if their numbers are included simply to obtain a result. This is also why every Australian of voting age should properly inform themselves about the implications and ramifications of the subject and lodge their vote for the “No campaign.”       

There exists within the Christian community the misguided belief that the demonstration of tolerance evidences the depth of spirituality displayed. False spiritual pride leaves many taking the high moral ground, leaving them feeling superior to the minority who struggle to reconcile the acceptance of sinful lifestyles, things that God calls sin, which they, the majority, seem happy to condone. Christians do not have the prerogative to determine morality and contradict what the Word of God says. Those who take the name Christian and contradict the Word of God, saying times have changed and we must be more progressive, do a great disservice to those who have an atheistic viewpoint.

Martin Luther 500th anniversary of the Reformation
This week is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation and many in Australia and around the globe are commemorating this great event, but I wonder what this great man would have to say to the church over its weak reaction to the same sex marriage equality attack on Christian values? Again I am one hundred per cent sure he would not agree with the new tolerance philosophy espoused by the post modernist camp which is the majority of the church.           

The Founding Fathers of the Australian Constitution: 
The political leadership give lip service to the memory of the Founding Fathers and then seek to undo everything that these great men sought to accomplish. Sir Edmund Barton and Alfred Deakin the framers of the Australian Constitution would be horrified and roll over in their graves knowing the proposed changes that are being made to our society. The Anzacs, our fathers and grand fathers would also regret that they spilled their blood and gave their lives for this worthless and unthankful generation. I am damned sure they would not have fought to allow homosexuals and lesbians to humiliate married couples and decent family values. I know my Dad wouldn’t have, that’s for good and sure. 

Goodness me. How did we ever get someone like Christopher Pyne in our Government who seeks to rush through legislation of such importance to our national ethos in two days. He even angered members of his own party over his attitude and not for the first time.  (art. West Australian 30/10/2017). The man is a walking, talking imbecile. 

Politicians by their very nature are populist in their views and opinions, to thus be popular, in order to be elected, because if they are not elected they certainly cannot govern. However, good governance is not about giving people what they want, but what is morally and ethically good for them. Politicians who rush to ingratiate themselves with the prevailing philosophy in order to be popular are like the wall flower turned blushing bride who will take the first man they can find with a similar ultimate end. Christopher Pyne and politicians of his ilk are just like the blushing bride. It would be a positive step if these individuals could step back and reflect on the immensely responsible nature and task of good governance, and rather than pandering like salivating dogs for the populist vote, instead seek to act like the dignified statesmen who founded the Constitution.                 

What you do with cancer
Homosexuality and lesbianism is a disease like cancer and when someone is diagnosed with cancer they do not wish to entertain it in the body and thus they do everything they can to eradicate it, allowing the surgeon’s knife to excise it from the body.  If society condones this it will be like allowing cancer to grow in our midst without trying to arrest it.

George Brandis’ false assurances regarding freedom of speech and religion cannot be relied upon He cannot give such assurances since they are subject to the views of the next party in power and to do so is to mislead the voting public which he did on a recent Q&A program. Sweden adopted same sex marriage equality seven years ago giving similar assurances and as recently as this year have imposed penalties on people who for conscience sake cannot agree with the legislation. So much for government assurances,

diversity, inclusivity and equality espoused by the young Grace Gouldstone, Duncraig, West Australian 30/10/2017-  Refusal of the Ian Goodenough Award on principle. The article is misguided and unethical; these words, Diversity, inclusivity and equality in certain contexts are dirty words and dirty ill thought out ideas.  The West Australian should be ashamed of itself using such a young and inexperienced person to influence the West Australian public on a matter of such incredible importance to the very nature of society and its very  existence. This person is totally unqualified to express such an influential opinion and could not possibly understand the complex sociological issues and philosophy attached to the argument due to her tender age. This does not reflect on her intellectual capability but simply seeks to point out that life’s experiences are insufficient for her to make a qualified comment. She is entitled to her opinion of course. The error from my judgment lies with the editors who printed the story and they should be held blameworthy.   

The Hermaphrodite
Unlike those who willfully deny their sexual gender such as those mentioned in the above paragraphs, the poor unfortunates who are born with undefined sexual genitalia are deserving of mercy and understanding. The harsh judgments directed toward the LGBT community should not include the hermaphrodite who through no fault of their own, but through a birth defect have difficulty in determining their true sexual gender and for their entire life endure great anguish of soul, humiliation and vexing questions that pursue them to their grave. Any kindness and understanding that the rest of the community can offer such individuals would undoubtedly help to ease their passage through this mortal existence. Their confusion over gender may cause them to end up in the LGBT category and they may feel great anger and disillusionment at what life has dished out to them. These individuals should not have the things said of them that are made of those who deliberately and rebelliously go against the order of nature.

The Condemnation of the Approving Non Participant
Christopher Pyne by his comments clearly shows his ignorance and lack of appreciation for the seriousness of the sociological, religious,  moral and ethical arguments surrounding the Same Sex Marriage Equality issue and subjects himself to the judgment of God as do all those who condone homosexual and lesbian behaviour. It seems to be the gracious and Christian thing to do to be tolerant and understanding, but the Book of Romans chapter 1:32 says that those who approve of such things even if they don’t do them, fall under that judgment (17-25). Christians are called to be loving, kind and considerate, however love and kindness have been seriously misconstrued to the extent that vile sin can be excused so as not to offend the sinner yet exclude the impact of the offense from the wider community and more importantly from God himself. We should be more concerned not to offend God than the minority voice who have brazenly called into question the tolerance of the greater number who for conformity’s sake and the grand gesture of tolerance have fallen for the evil lie and thus risked the judgment of God upon the whole nation and the world.

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