Wednesday, September 27, 2017

PEOPLE CLAIMING TO BE CHRISTIANS COME IN MANY SHAPES AND SIZES AND ALSO WITH NUMEROUS DIFFERENT BELIEFS. Those Individuals Who Actually Know Lord Jesus Christ Realize That They Are Not In The Position To Defend Almighty God, For They Need Almighty God To Defend Them. Much depends often whether people are honest enough to admit that they have not the ability to love, as God does, and neither do they really know the truth but have learned a set of doctrines, which are really human philosophy wrapped up in religious garb.

A common aphorism goes along the following lines: Convincing people against their will, only leaves them with the same opinion still.

Convincing people that a person has something worthwhile to offer, requires that person to find people who are dissatisfied with what they have and, because of this, they are open to weighing up the options.

People who think that being to born just to die is purposeful and not a futile existence are not up to hearing about a message of being raised from the dead and possessing eternal life.

The Apostle Paul stated that the goodness of God was meant to lead people to repentance and that the seasons, being yearly, ought to wake up the ignorant to the fact the Universe has been created and does exist by chance.

If people are not willing to accept reason, or the goodness of God, or the reality that chance did not cause the Universe to exist, then it is hardly likely they will acknowledge the truth about morality.

This is why the Bible states that God laughs at the nations and the vain attempts at their leaders to achieve anything that is contrary to the purpose of God. This is also why the Bible calls everyone a fool who rejects the truth about the Creator.

Personally, there is no need to defend the Bible; people can say what they like about it. For the truth stands: the Bible bears witness to the fact that people are immoral and doomed to die because of their sins. The Bible effectively informs us that the only hope of meaning in life is for people to repent of their ignorance and wicked ways and ask the Creator for forgiveness. The Bible testifies to the fact that the stupidity of selfishness reigns in this world—which is why people hold up signs stating “Love Trumps Hate” as they curse, abuse and physically harm passersby.

True love will only be discovered when people cease being violent and humbly give of themselves, while trusting the Lord God to empower them to prove what love really means.

While I see no need to defend God, because I really need Him to defend me, this does not mean that I do not see any need to testify of my discoveries. Not to do so would make me a selfish individual indeed.

I have no faith in the theory of evolution, but I have faith in what I have learned—humans cannot be trusted. Nevertheless, in all good faith, I accept human beings to be untrustworthy and just know they will let me down eventually. Because of this, when I sought God to know Lord Jesus Christ, I expressed that there is no love in this world and I had none.

I knew how to say the word “love” and used it often. But being the promiscuous creature that I was, I was no different to a desperate tomcat roaming the streets seeking any cat on heat. Among the humans, such interludes are called “acts of love”, but they have no meaning at all, and only leave participants wanton.

Now that I know Lord Jesus Christ, I feel that I have received what I had always been looking for, only I did not know this beforehand. No one does, really. We are all sad sacks seeking something; only not knowing what it is, we are look in the wrong places and hang out with the wrong people and do the wrong things by ourselves. All we really want is that elusive spark that brings abundant eternal life. If only someone would show us how to find that which we seek. Even though we do not know what that which we seek could be, deep within we sense that once we find the elusive spark of life, we will treasure it to the extent that we will give everything we own to possess it.

In my case, the difference that occurred in my grandparents lives become the turning point for me. Their lives really changed. Grumpy turned into joyful. Prude turned into joyful. Grumpy was no longer getting tongue lashed by the prude. Instead, there were hugs and kisses all around, not to mention two past-the-use-by-date individuals now sleeping in the same bed. Love was in the air. In fact, in the rooms of their house, love seemed to be everywhere.

As for trying to convince someone to follow Jesus, if they are not convinced that you are following Jesus, forget it.

There are many religionists who will tell you that they have discovered the secret to life and if you do not convert, metaphorically, it is off with your head—of course, people do not really do such a thing (not if they are from the Father, that is). However, I do not think it is force that causes people to abhor the God of love, rather it is hypocrisy of those who are big on talk but do not understand the walk. Also, there is the fact, many people, claiming to be Christians, do not really understand what it means to know Lord Jesus Christ, because they merely have a set of doctrines which their lack of humility compels them to defend. Whereas I have nothing to defend, because I have been set free from my bondage to pride and death.
  • So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed. (John 8:36)
You can believe what you want. As for me, I will continue with the truth, now that I have been set free.

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Only Those Who Want To Know And Understand The Eternal Truth Have Hope

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