Wednesday, September 20, 2017

PROOF OF MARS BEING FILMED ON EARTH TO DUPE THE PUBLIC INTO BELIEVING THAT MARS CAN BE INHABITED. Evidence Of Life On Mars Is Really Evidence Of Scientists Colluding To Deceive The Public. When artifacts and life that is common to Earth is found on Mars, big questions are being asked

The internet is a boon for people to ferret out information about what is happening around the planet and pass on tip bits to others.

Nevertheless, the day will come when the internet will be a means by which people will be able to connect to their government controllers.

President Putin provides some perspective on who the controller might be the ones ruling the world.

Right now Google has the upper hand.

Meanwhile, we can become well informed and know what to expect when the day finally comes and we have to hand everything over to the controllers.

​Google Earth now incorporates Google Moon and Google Mars and the propaganda is full on.

Brian Cox in Colorado, USA, explains what Mars looks likevery much like Earth, actually.

Mars, Devon Island, and some parts of the USA appear to have much in common.

Devon Island is the largest uninhibited Island on Earth.

For some reason, NASA felt the need to use Devon Island for testing the Mars rovers.

Richard D. Hall points out that life has been found on Mars, if the NASA images are not fake, because what looks like a prairie dog has been found in one of the photos.

Richard D. Hall made the discovery of the prairie dog known, along with some other anomalies that he had discovered that point to pictures from Mars actually being sent to NASA headquarters from Devon Island and the Arizona Desert.

NASA sent two people around to see Richard D. Hall, so that he could see things more clearlyapparently a personal visit from two NASA optometrists was in orderwhich seems rather odd, especially, if they were really pictures filmed on Mars.

NASA says that it requires more money to get men on Mars, which the government has to provide, because the public understand the importance of the mission.

However, there are many from the UFO community (believers in ETs) who will believe anything other than the truth that is available in Turkey (Noah's Ark) or at Neweiba Beach (Red Sea Crossing described in Exodus)

Those who reject the Bible's history will believe anything, especially that there are humans living on Mars and NASA has a secret space program sending people there to set up communities.

Do not tell these people Mars is uninhabitable or that the Van Allen Belts are too dangerous for humans to pass through.

Once people convince themselves that they do not want to accept that the Creator of the Universe exists, they go looking for other sources to justify their disregard for the truth, like this spoon found on Mars.

These gullible people will be told that a secret mission has been filmed because a plane has landed and all manner of ideas enter their heads when it comes to space fiction.

You may have heard of reports of people seeing cigar-shaped objects in the sky when looking out of the window of their passenger plane, and them claiming they saw a UFO.

Any unidentified aircraft flying overhead is a UFO, and the Boeing X37-B did orbit the Earth for 12 months (365 days) and before that for 225 days in 2010, with the latest orbit being for 718 days.

When people are able to identify surroundings and images that are on Earth, and not on Mars, then ideas of aliens and UFOs carrying them in cigar shaped aircraft start to fall into the arena of hoax news or fake news.

Science fiction devotees, who want to believe that there are ETs that visit Earth and are living on Mars, the Moon, some other planet or another Universe, get excited over anything that may look as if it has some habitable shape. 

In New Zealand there is a cluster of boulders named the "Moeraki Boulders" which when filmed at high tide look like they are manmade space huts.

UFO devotees, when shown a picture of the Moeraki Boulders and told that they were found on Mars, go into ecstasy, because they have photographic proof (of life on Mars)never mind that the planet is uninhabitable, just like the Moon.

Brian Cox, who is merely a speculator, now has a different theory that is not being received too well in the UFO community.

Professor Cox is not a confessor of truth; for while acknowledging certain truthshe is not prepared to weigh up the necessary truth of why we are born only to die.

We have been given the capacity to reason, so that we might weigh up the facts and then choose the truth, because we appreciate its value.

The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls, who, on finding one pearl of great value, went and sold all that he had and bought it.

Who said life had to be boring or meaningless?

There is other life besides the terrestrial, but this is found in a different dimensionnot on Mars, the Moon, or any other planet, the Arizona desert (USA), or Devon Island (Canada)and unlike what the likes of Professor Cox imagines, this life is eternal, not temporal.

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