Monday, March 30, 2015

Richard Dawlins and His Lack Of Critical Thinking.

Classified as a documentary of Science and Critical Thinking the Richard Dawkins Foundation produces a series of vignettes that actually demonstrate a lack of critical thinking. But in attempting to justify his delusion that evolution is a proven fact, when there is no evidence at all, Dawkins visits the University of Nebraska to show some discoveries that have been made that actually prove the adaptability of species that have been created by the Creator.


Richard Dawkins demonstrates how little he actually applies critical thinking by claiming that a diatom in the lake Yellow Stone Park is evidence of evolution producing a new species. The difference in the two diatoms are subtle, but they are nevertheless evidence of his belief that evolution has to be true. (There are more differences between Dawkins and his mother than what there are differences in the diatoms.)

Humans and Monkeys

In this vignette Dawkins shows a graph which demonstrates on one line of DNA two different variations in a small number of the similar DNA shared by Humans and Chimpanzees that this subtle difference means we are of the same species. Never mind that all the other DNA have no correlation to humans. A little bit of slight of hand by the trickster. Not really critical thinking at all.

Farmer Ants

Evidently this is evidence of how humans are able to evolve and become farmers. Critical thinkers ask how did the ants work out how to farm the fungus? Were they reprogrammed to this by a Creator? Can we develop this under controlled conditions within a laboratory?

Fruit Fly

Now the fruit fly is still a fruit fly but this is evidence of evolution. Never mind that after a century of laboratory experiments have demonstrated that it is impossible to change a fruitfly from being a fruitfly after millions of generations, yet Dawkins attempts to delude critical thinkers in vain with his fruit fly claim.

The Considered Life

A.C. Grayling quotes Bertrand Russell:
"Most people would rather die than think, and most people do."

The most important thing that anybody could do is considered why they are born to die. Surely life has to have more meaning than being born to die. Not if you are an atheistic evolutionist.

However, if you acknowledge that there is really no genuine proof of evolution, but plenty of proof that a Creator had to design the creation. The fact the Moon orbits the Earth while it spins on its axis and travels around the Sun at 70,000 mph every year for thousands of years, or according to evolutionists, billions of years, this is not something that is a chance event. Neither are humans. Yet these fools deny that the Creator exists. Imagination is not critical thinking, but they want to believe in events that they imagine took place, even though they have no proof and not means to verify their suppositions.

Dawkins Thinking Critically...(well, fantasizing)

Notice how sure Dawkins becomes when he begins to use his imagination and explain what happened so many years ago when there is no proof. Unfortunately, the interviewer cannot say, "I agree with you, Richard, I was there and can verify your fantasy to be true."  The Creator was there though.

The deceived and the deluded go on being deceived and deluded because they reject the truth.

There is no meaning to life if we are born only to die. There has to be a Creator otherwise everything is in vain.

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