Thursday, April 2, 2015

Clowns, Lunatics, Fools, Retards, Morons, Idiots, Cretans And Their Ilk All Believe That Atheism Is A Valid Rationale For Existence

But when it comes to facing the facts, oddly enough I see many posters have taken down there inane and worthless comments from a thread where they commented concerning a debate between John Lennox and Michael Shermer.

But when a person is merely a git sprouting off ignorance, what can we expect when he or she realizes how embarrassing his or her comments are really. 

The one issue we all have to come to grips with is What is the meaning of existence on this planet? 

There is no ultimate meaning of eternal worth in being born to die, regardless which way you look at the issue. Although, many twits attempt to claim their lives have ultimate meaning because they are such significant....gits (for want of a better word to describe any idiot who is suffering from a deficiency in judgment).

The Earth has a circumference of around 24,000 miles and it spins around its axis at around 1040 mph to do a complete revolution every 24 hrs to complete 1 day.

The Moon travels around the Earth at a rate of 2,288 mph and completes its circuit once every 28 days, and does this 13 times in 365.25 days. 

 The Earth travelling at 70,000 mph orbits the Sun, while spinning on its axis at 1040 mph at its circumference and having the Moon revolve around it 13 times by the time it completes one circuit of its trajectory every 365.25 days to form a unit of time which we call 1 year.

All this has happened for not one year, nor a decade, nor a century, nor a millennium. And can you believe that people who claim they possess sound rationale still believe in the fairy of atheism and the fairy of evolution espoused by Shermer and Dawkins that caused all this to come together by chance; an illogical construct that supposedly exists without reason or cause because of its unpredictability.

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