Friday, March 20, 2015

Muslims Worship The God Of This World: Allah

Who is funding ISIS?

There are a number of suppositions as to why ISIS exists:

  1. To destabilize the region
  2. To weaken Arab nations
  3. To create an environment that will fuel fear of Islam
  4. To demonstrate that Islam is divided among itself
  5. To propagate the terrorism myth
  6. To create a reason to justify more funding for Israel
  7. To permit Israel to develop more advanced weaponry 
  8. To provide a distraction so Israelis can possess more land
  9. To prepare for a third world war
  10. To hasten the New World Order

ISIS actually want to set up a caliphate in the Iraq and Syria. They are doing this in the name of Allah. They are supposedly Wahhabi/Salafi a Sunni sect, who kill Shiites and Sunni as well as anyone else who does not conform to their brand of Islam.

One thing is obvious, Allah is blessing all the killing. The people in the documentary are all being blessed by Allah. They will do anything for Allah. As long as Allah is honored. Shiites and Sunnis are fighting alongside each other in the name of Allah, instead of fighting each other.

Instead of Allah bringing the two Islamic factions together, a common enemy does the job. Just like politicians who are opposed to each other or businesses that are opposed to each other or activists who are opposed to each other, when they have a common enemy, they have a truce and join hands.

ISIS: On The Frontline is a documentary that demonstrates the god of war is not the God of peace. The people want peace, but unlike those who are true Christians, who are called to lay down their lives and let the Spirit of God raise them up. the Muslims believe they have to fight for their god. This is a documentary that informs us about Allah the god of this world. Most Muslims would agree that Allah is the god of this world.

(There are Christians who belong to Christ. There are people who profess to be Christians. There are people who like Muslims, believe they are born Christians when their mother gave birth to them).

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