Monday, March 9, 2015

Homosexuality Is Supposedly Natural, But Homosexuals Do Not Put Their Head In The Lavoratory Bowel Because People Might Think They Are Queer.....But Then Some Queers Might Be Already In The Habit Of Doing So

Homosexuality is insane. There is nothing rational about it. Sodomy is unnatural. Even when men sodomize women, this is unnatural. Yet why does God allow it? 

Calvinists believe God actually endorsed homosexuality along with every other sin, because they claim He created all men to sin. 

One homosexual, who became a politician, claimed that he sought God to take away his homosexual feelings as a young man, but nothing changed. Maybe he had a Calvinist upbringing and heard that homosexuality was a sin and did not really want anybody to find out about his perverted inclinations. Today, he claims he does not believe in God and proudly claims that he has his stay-at-home partner to sodomize.

One person I know prayed the sinner’s prayer and asked Jesus Christ to come into his life. I saw this person walk up the front of a revival meeting and ask for forgiveness for sin, because he acknowledged that he had done wrong. But this person never really gave up his sin. One day I discovered him in a compromising situation with a homosexual.

In fact this particular homosexual was so depraved that even though a boy he was sodomizing was excreting diarrhea, he still continued his act of sodomy. 

Sodomites are coprophiliacs. Nothing gay about being a sodomite.

This person who did his religious thing had been sleeping with this homosexual off and on for over six years. Eventually, he began abusing drugs and, as a consequence, is now dead.  

Around the time I saw that homosexual practitioner publicly feign repentance, I saw quite a number of people, acknowledge the Lord, go through the sinner’s prayer, but they fell back into sin and often went from bad to worse, with a number ending up dead. 

There is more to having a relationship with God and expressing faith in the death and resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ than mere mental assent. 

I can testify, that at the age of fourteen, a force tried to overcome me and cause me to sexually abuse a three-year-old girl who was in my care. I cried out to God to prevent me from doing such a thing. For nearly some thirty minutes, I went through emotional and mental torture as the force tried to overcome me. At the time, I was not a Christian. But I did not want to do what I believed to be wrong and abuse the trust that had been placed in me by the girl’s parents.  I did not want to do such an evil thing.

Six years later, I became a Christian. 

The question we well ask is what could have been the difference between someone like myself and the homosexual politician who is now an atheist and the young homosexual person who is now dead?

The Bible teaches that the fear of the Lord is the hatred of evil.  If you like your sin, then you love evil. Only when you hate sin, then you hate evil and you possess the fear of the Lord. The fear of the Lord is also the beginning of knowledge--the beginning of wisdom.

Little did I know it, but my fear of evil, was close enough to a hatred of evil, that I had established an attitude within my person that enabled me to later seek God with the same resolute earnestness. This is the difference between those who really prefer their sin and those who do not want to sin. New Year resolutions will not cut it, they have to be lifetime resolutions; otherwise, the devil still has a claim on us. Well, he did have some claims on me, which he does not have anymore. What about you?

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