Wednesday, September 7, 2016

PEOPLE FIND IT DIFFICULT TO BELIEVE THAT A MAN WOULD GIVE HIS LIFE FOR OTHERS AND BELIEVE THAT HE WOULD BE RAISED FROM THE DEAD. Not Everybody Has The Courage To Stand Up For What They Say The Believe In. Those that do are either consider mad or pretending to do with something they are not.

Harry Riches
Happy Riches Answers

Is it possible Jesus was a real person who sacrificed himself so that his false story would give people meaning?

Many people would like to believe that the proposition in the above question is the case and, indeed, falsely promote this. Yet these same people believe in many historical individuals and the supposed accounts of their lives without real proof. They merely read it in a book.

A person asks a question whether anybody could prove some historical inaccuracies in the Bible. Atheists all get up on their soapbox; some even claiming to have been Christians (no true Christian ever walks away from Lord Jesus Christ; pretenders do though). The atheists all cite no evidence. Yet not able to prove their case, atheists love to congratulate themselves by getting all their friends to congratulate them and confirm their predetermined bias.

I have seen Lord Jesus Christ appear in my living room when I became a Christian. I have seen Him appear before me unexpectedly in a number of locations over the years. People like myself do not become Christians because someone has told us to believe something. People like me need real evidence that is proof. Not like those who read a book, believe what they read and then regurgitate it as fact. Many parrots graduate from college under the illusion that they are critical thinkers because they can cite different authors and write essays. They then go on to become school teachers, but they have no real experience in testing the veracity of the claims they assert as fact. They merely possess information that they are told to regurgitate and indoctrinate children into believing what they are told as facts.

While the Bible consistently is proven to be true by those who are genuine seekers and researchers of truth, those that scoff still have to work out where the meaning is in life, if the dead are not raised and there is no eternal life to be had.

The Reason Atheists Do Not Have A Leg To Stand On Is They Are Not Truly Scientific

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