Sunday, September 11, 2016

MANY ILLNESSES EXIST AND THIS IS PERPLEXING TO PEOPLE SEEKING TO UNDERSTAND HOW GOD COULD PERMIT SUCH EVILS. There Are Those Who Claim That AIDS, Influenza, Ebola, The Black Plague And Other Diseases Are Evidence Of God's Nonexistence. Any other explanation like the truth is unacceptable to those who like to think they know better.

If God created everything, why did he create AIDS, influenza, ebola, ecoli and so on and so on? These, as viruses, are living things. You definitely can not use the free will card for this one. Is this another part of 'God's plan'? Agasthya Rana

This is a fair question. The Bible says that we are to come to God and reason out with Him (Isaiah 1:18). But you have decided to lodge your objections to God’s Creation. Many do.

As finite creatures, we only learn from what we have been told by others or have managed to work out for ourselves from the environment. This we will do either thinking in words or pictures.

If we are going to think in words, then we will have been indoctrinated by somebody in some way; otherwise, we would not know what the words mean that other people use.

Japanese children usually learn Japanese, not Chinese, Italian, Swahili, Arabic or Tongan. Rather interesting that, don’t you think? Not obvious to children, though.

Children naturally think in pictures regardless of the language they are taught and the beliefs that go with the culture that is associated with that language.

Actually, my inquiries have revealed most people tend to think pictorially until they begin learning abstract concepts as teenagers. Those who are not academically minded tend to eschew mathematical and philosophical questions, as they hit their teenage years, for other primeval urges. If the bright sparks are to be believed.—I think the “ayes” have it.

People do assert that God created everything, even the wicked for the day of destruction. But such people often take texts out of context to support a belief system that they have been indoctrinated into, just as children who are programmed to speak in the language that their parents speak.

What if God did not create everything? Have you ever thought about that? How could God create evil when He is righteous, good and holy?

The Bible actually teaches that everything God created was good. So if what God created was good, then AIDS, influenza, ebola, ecoli and viruses were created good, not evil. What made them evil?

AIDS, influenza, ebola, ecoli and viruses are written in English, I see. Is English good or bad?

The World Esperanto Association thinks English is evil and they are attempting to replace it with a universal language. The fact that English is the lingua franca of our day is unacceptable to them.

This is what the Bible says occurred in respect to the Creation that was declared good by God. One of the subjects who possessed freewill did not like what God had done and decided to destroy it. Now people discover these malfunctions within the creation and get upset with the Creator and say that if He exists, He would do what they say, because they are more intelligent than Him. Can you believe that people can be so ignorant and blind to reality to think they are more intelligent than the Omniscient One?

Some people will tell you that God created evil. But this is not what happened. The god of this world created evil. He is the one who causes things to malfunction—in a way, like David Berkowitz did, except He could have said no to doing evil, rather than pinning the blame on the Devil.

A little research and we learn that the environment plays a big part regarding cellular behavior. This is not that cells have freewill, rather that cells are programmed to respond to certain stimuli within their environment and even make changes to their genetic instructions. Bruce Lipton discovered this when cloning stem cells as a biologist at the University of Wisconsin and confirmed this through further research at Stanford University (Genetics, Epigenetics, and Destiny).

Phenotypical behavior of cells is a combination of both genetic and environmental influences. Humans are made up on trillions of cells. Therefore, if what was originally purposed for good is turned into evil by individuals who have been given freewill, why blame the Creator who intended only the good. Surely humans have no basis upon which to blame their Creator if they choose to abuse their bodies by digesting or ingesting harmful substances or they prefer morally destructive behavior to a life of blessing.

Rather than argue with people about their beliefs about a god who creates evil, why not seek the true God, who created Life. This is what I did rather than be a bag of wind trying to make the loudest noise. Now that I found the truth, having encountered the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ, I also began to learn what is written in the Bible does not, in many instances, support what people claim, even those who call themselves Christians. This is because they take Scripture out of context and merely want to indoctrinate others like they themselves were indoctrinated—which is really just an advanced form of teaching a person a language.

As for sicknesses, those who are truly walking with God are unaffected by them. Those who sin are affected by sicknesses because they have violated the laws that define what is good. Because of this, AIDS, influenza, ebola, ecoli, viruses and other bacterial and microbial diseases exist. Much has do with where you stand in relation to God and how you are overcoming the laws that define evil.

The Reliable Laws Of Nature Exist Because They Were Created By A Good Creator

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