Tuesday, September 20, 2016

INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE THAT THE LUNAR MOON LANDING IS NOT FAKE IS DIFFICULT TO FIND. The Numerous Discrepancies That Challenge The Official Version Are Statistically In The Favor Of The Doubters. Yet the spinners continue to attempt to fool the masses as they always do.

Harry Riches
Harry Riches · Answer requested by Hayden Stinchfield

I accept that aircraft/spacecraft/UFOs exist that are capable of travelling at speeds associated with anti-gravity. If there are manned spacecraft of this caliber, then people would have been to Mars and probably are capable of going to Jupiter and back.
I have no doubt that there is advanced weaponry beyond what the public realize and the stars wars program is very real.
From what I have seen of the evidence that questions the Moon landings and the reaction of the astronauts at their press conferences, having reviewed much of the information concerning the claims for having gone to the Moon, I doubt that man has gone to the moon.
If man has gone to the moon, there would be no need for spin doctors; instead, more regular visits would be occurring. The Moon Virgin from England would already have gone, his ego could not stand not having been the first non-astronaut to go to the moon. Flying to the Moon surpasses flying in hot air balloons for publicity.
In fact, from false claims of Moon rock, which when tested independently by those outside the USA was found to be Earth rock, to an item falling at free fall, provide evidence of men not having gone to the moon. Other evidence includes wires on the back of astronaut packs, numerous photographic anomalies, the testimony of "the astronaughts", the docking of the Moon landing module, the Van Allen belts, and much more, stack the odds against men flying to the moon and returning alive in good health.
What about the claims of Armstrong and Collins that there are no stars in space. Really? How gullible can people be?
Then there is the issue of astronauts alarmingly affected by radiation at 400 miles above the Earth. How far is the moon? How deep are the Van Allen belts? More than 400 miles.
As for biblical evidence, well, there are no prophecies of men going to the moon at all. There is no historical evidence of men having gone to the moon in the Bible. There is record of Elijah being taken up into the atmosphere and reappearing some centuries later on a mountain somewhere in the region around Israel. There is biblical evidence of people going to Heaven and others going to Hell.
The Bible does say that everything is currently subjected to futility, which explains why there is no other life in the Universe. The Bible particularly relates to what Lord God Almighty is doing with people here on Earth, and the moon does not appear to be of any major significance regarding the salvation of humankind.
There is biblical evidence that the moon did not move for a period of time, but no evidence of a man on the moon preventing it from moving (Joshua 10:13).

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