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MYTHS ABOUT WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE PAST. There Is The Myth Of Evolutionary Selection Where Through A Process Of Time Dinosaurs Died Out Slowly And Life Forms Survived Because Of Their Adaptability. But even though the evidence for a worldwide flood is undeniable, still those who are blind to the truth continue to propose that the Bible is a fiction and the story of Noah and the flood make-believe.

Many people make the false claim that what was written by Moses was plagiarized from other sources rather than given to him by God on Mt Sinai. Yet when they are asked to provide evidence to disprove this, they come up with a smattering of similarities in certain instances, but nothing that really corroborates their claims.

For instance, the Ten Commandments have five commandments that are God specific. None of these other writings have anything that can match these five commandments. This alone nullifies the claims of those who dismiss the truth of what is written in the Bible and verifies their ignorance, as they project their opinions as fact—something too many book-read know-it-all types tend to do.

The story of Noah and the flood in the Bible is a literal account. The account is not a treatise that records everything that happened history, only certain events that happened and the reasons why they happened. Nevertheless, the size of the Ark was recorded. This has helped verify the structure that has been found in the Ararat Mountains, Turkey, to be Noah's Ark.

[For evidence of Noah's Ark you will find it at this link: Noah's Ark found and documented.]

The only reason you do not hear about this momentous discovery is the current narrative that is being promulgated by those who seek to rule the world is God does not exist. According to the writings of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche who died on August 25, 1900 (aged 55), Almighty God is dead.—All the atheists, who want you to join them are delighted at such a prospect.

Unfortunately, for D.M. Murdock, who rejected the documented evidence for the proof of the Bible and published her book claiming Moses to be a myth, she also died, too. This happened not long after scoffing at the truth of the evidence in preference for her myth.

What was given to Moses came from God Himself.

The Bible is a reliable book historically. Dr Clifford Wilson, an archaeologist who uncovered some sites that proved the Bible's historical veracity, wrote in Does Archaeology Support the Bible?: “Genesis 1–11 .... is actual history, and it is a summary of beginnings.”
  • Enuma Elish—This is the Babylonian Creation Record. We also have the Ebla Creation Tablet. The Bible record is clearly superior to this as the Enuma Elish has creation from pre-existing matter, which really isn’t creation at all. The Bible is the true account of this historical event.
  • The Epic of Gilgamesh includes the Babylonian Flood Story. Again, the biblical record is greatly superior. As Nozomi Osanai wrote in her master’s thesis on a comparison between Noah’s Flood and the Gilgamish Epic, “According to the specifics, scientific reliability, internal consistency, the correspondence to the secular records, and the existence of common elements among the flood traditions around the world, the Genesis account seems to be more acceptable as an accurate historical record.”
  • Long-living Kings at Kish (Sumer)—These kings supposedly lived from 10,000 to 64,000 years ago. The Bible’s record is conservative and is the true account, while the Babylonian and other traditions have been embellished over time. It was later realized that the Babylonians had two bases for arithmetic calculations, based on either tens or sixties. When the records were retranslated using the system of tens rather than sixties, they came to a total within 200 years of the biblical record.
Not only has Noah's Ark been found and documented, but there are many other evidences that indicate the flood as described in the Bible took place. The fact that there are whales that were found with baleen intact in mountains (because they were buried alive) is evidence of a massive flood. Those who hate God and hate the truth do not want you to know about these facts.

The same as there is much evidence for giants and advanced civilization with technology that beggars belief (they cannot believe it is true) when encountered by those who advance the theory of evolution. The same as you will find in the mountains of Turkey near the resting place of the Noah's Ark, ancient ship anchors that are much larger than previous discovered anchors and too heavy to have been taken 6000 ft above sea level that will leave you baffled, unless the flood recorded in the Bible actually happened. There is no water for 60 miles, as the crow flies, so what would massive ship anchors be doing 6000 ft above sea level, when they are many times larger and heavier than those used by the largest vessels known to sail the seas 3000 years ago. The only answer that seems plausible is the mountains were under water.

Noah's Ark found and documented

The Ten Commandments Were Designed For You To Enjoy And Possess Life

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