Sunday, April 2, 2017

ATHEISTS HAVE A QUANDARY ON THEIR HANDS AS THEY APPROACH DEATH, BECAUSE IF THEY ARE WRONG, ETERNAL PUNISHMENT BECKONS FOR REJECTING THE TRUTH, BUT IF THEY ARE RIGHT, THERE IS NO MEANING IN LIFE. The Problem For Atheists Has To Do With Being Conceited And Arrogant. Ignorant people exist to be enlightened, but why should anyone care, God does!

A lot of answers right now are assuming he doesn’t exist, which is the very opposite of the point of this question.
Let us assume this is a Christian God but feel free to answer abstractly.

Harry Riches

Harry Riches, answer requested by Anonymous

Each atheist will have his or here own explanation, I expect. Many, no doubt, believe that they do not really care what happens to them when they die, therefore they will do what they like—even if it will be too late. Others may argue it was not their fault they believed the lie that God did not exist.
One thing that each atheist will have to explain, since they did not create life, is why did they not seek the One who Created it, rather than ignoring the right that they had to do so.
You can show an atheist the archaeological evidence of the Exodus, Noah’s Ark, and provide numerous reasons why the theory of evolution does not hold, even showing how ancient societies had more knowledge than is possessed today, but they will reject the truth. Why? Because the atheist wants to believe what he or she wants to believe.
What many atheists do not realize is that those who hold the purse strings that control the governments of this world are not atheists, even though they promote atheism. They are Luciferians and believe that they are born to rule.
Those Who Are Earnest In Their Quest For The Truth Consider Everything

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