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THE TRUTH ABOUT ATHEISTS IS NOT TOO MANY OF THEM EXIST. For An Atheist To Not Have A God Is Impossible Because Whatever A Person Places First In His Or Her Life Is Essentially That Person's God. Someone wants to know whether atheism is a doctrine about the non-existence of God that's passed down throughout history by other atheists.

Harry Riches
Happy Riches ·Answers

I would doubt that atheists have any knowledge of the original monographs as they do not exist. Only copies of the original writings exist.
From what I have been able to ascertain from the many atheists to whom I have spoken or have had written communication, and the books and articles that I have read, in the main, they are ill-informed.
Most of their assumptions are either based upon what they have seen of other people claiming to be Christians or what they have been taught by someone else. For instance, atheists accept the theory of evolution as fact when there is no real proof that is scientifically demonstrable in real time—such as a cat turning into a dog. Proof at the taxonomic rank of family is required for the theory to be truly scientifically justified as fact.
A number of atheists I have spoken with have gone from saying they are atheists to acknowledging that they accept the reality of a Creator because not to do so is to be foolish in the extreme, since the theory of evolution was man-made and illogical. The idea of simplicity evolving into complexity by chance mutations is teleological and thereby implies intelligence is required. Besides, the original organism has to have been a finite thing that existed within infinity—hence, the Infinite One, within Whom the Universe and all of us exist.
I have yet to come upon an atheist who understands the Ten Commandments. They all claim they understand them and that they were copied from some other writing. When pushed for those other writings they are unable to deliver, because they do not exist. The Psalmist calls atheists fools. Likewise those who make bold claims, but are unable to deliver, do not do themselves any favor.
Many people (not all) claim they are atheists but, in reality, they are really weak-willed and are afraid to say that they really hope that God exists. Pathetic really. But this is the way of the world. Stick out your neck and disagree with those who like to throw their weight around and a person is likely to be (figuratively speaking) beheaded. I would like to believe no one would be so evil to literally behead people. Those who do so figuratively are evil enough. But then, I am led to believe, Vlad the Impaler saw nothing wrong with impaling people while they were still alive. And the Romans delighted in crucifixion unto death. Human nature is devilish to say the lest and those who are truly atheists or culturally religious, or are fake Christians, see nothing wrong with killing their fellow humans.
The witness by those who claim to be Christians, but who in reality are not, cause people to blaspheme God. Just read the Bible and you see that this is one of the reasons why the nations blaspheme the true God.
  • For, as it is written, “The name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you. (Romans 2:24)
If a person wants to be an atheist, I am fine with that, as each one of us has freewill. If a person wants to reject that God exists, cool—but why the need to propagate the delusion, and attempt to dissuade others from seeking God out? On the other hand, if a person is too weak-willed to seek God out and go against the popular trend, as I did, then nobody else is accountable for any decision that person makes. For each person is accountable for his or her own decisions.
Decisions have nothing to do with a gene. For decisions require knowledge. And knowledge, once acquired, enables us to make decisions.
Atheists make their own decisions and this has nothing to do with the Bible. Many atheists reject the gods of Hinduism and the gods of other cultures, besides the God of the Bible. The reason why atheists reject the supernatural and the fact that all the evidence points to a Creator having created the Universe has nothing to do with the Bible.
Everyone who possesses freewill, and can make a decision, has to reason for his- or herself whether facing death and rejecting the Creator is the wisest option to take. The Bible is not required to make this decision.
If one reasons that rejecting the Creator is more foolish than accepting the fact the Omnscient One exists, then not acknowledging Him now and seeking Him out amounts to throwing away the most valuable opportunity life offers.

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