Wednesday, November 2, 2016

CLOWNS COME IN MANY SHAPES AND SIZES. They Are Usually In Costumes With The Aim Of Being Anonymous. There aim is to make you laugh without being personally laughed at, likewise fools ask questions that would make a person laugh at them because they are really ridiculous; they know this so they choose anonymity.

Harry Riches
Harry Richesanswers

Many people focus on salvation by performing the golden rule (something that is not found in the Bible). You have the power to make decisions and reap the consequences. This is in line with what is written in the Bible.
You ask “Can I receive a billion dollars if I reject it?” Sorry, you mean, Will Jesus offer me salvation if I reject Him? Same thing, really.
You have an inheritance better than a billion dollars. A billion dollars will be worth nothing if the world implodes and money goes the way of the Russian Ruble or the German Mark.
Lord Jesus Christ has offered everyone the opportunity to receive an inheritance of eternal life with the guarantee that it is so—a form of receipt. But you cannot receive it if you reject it. Therefore, you will have to wear the consequences of your decision.

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