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ATHIESTS OFTEN CLAIM THERE IS NO PROOF OF GOD. Like Blind People They Look Around And Forget To Admire The Beauty Of Creation. The canvas is blank unless there is someone to draw or paint on it. An Atheist argues that this is no proof that this is so.

• God shows Himself with undeniable proof.
• The Catholic Church iwas right all along.
• God is the only true God. There is no other god besides God.

Harry Riches
Happy Riches · Answers

  • God shows Himself with undeniable proof
The question presupposes that God has not shown himself with undeniable proof.
The fact the Creation exists is undeniable proof that God exists, if by God, we mean the Creator. To suggest that people can deny this, well, people can deny whatever they like; many deny that they are going to die. Some individuals with their questions and raison d'être (for rejecting the perception of whom they think God might be), demonstrate a lack of understanding of what possessing freewill means. Nevertheless, for those who have rejected the propaganda of established religions, but have been indoctrinated by their schooling into believing the government propaganda, frustration about answers to life is also a torment—because the fact is physical death has the final say for biological beings.
Many overlook the fact that what they perceive to be true may not be so. For instance, as an analogy, when there are no clouds, on a sunny day, many people perceive there is a blue sky up above. But if I told them the truth, not possessing my knowledge, they would scoff at me.
It is amazing how many people are duped into the myth that only ‘seeing is believing’. For they feel pain from things which they cannot see. Like the immature who complain because their feelings are hurt, but when asked to produce them so they can be seen, they are unable to provide evidence. Yet howl, they will. And many hurt from hatred, because hatred hurts; but more so the one doing the hating, than those who are hated.
The truth is the only thing that universally motivates people is pain; from which most people will do their utmost to seek relief. According to the Bible, on the Day of Judgement, unfortunately, the realization by those who reject the truth that they were such fools when they could have been wise, will become the worm that will not die, even though they will cry out for relief. Regardless of their motivation to relieve their pain, it will be too late. (Right now scoffers who delight in their scoffing can take pleasure in self-congratulation.)
From what I have come to understand of those who claim they are atheists, a number of issues exist when it comes to acknowledging the Creator.
  1. They do not accept the definition of God as the Supreme Being who is infinite and there is no other.
  2. They do not want to acknowledge their own fallibility.
  3. They do not truly want to be reasonable for they have an internal desire for self-exaltation.
  4. They hate the idea that right and wrong exists, because they are self-centered and really would like to do whatever they like, to whomever they like, whenever they like—if they can get away with it. 
  5. They want to control other people—evidenced in the answers of those who want to tell the Omniscient One what to do when they see Him face to face. Or, as one person who is representative of so many says, spit on him—somehow, this is thought of as being progressive.
Not every person who claims to be an atheist is an atheist. Many who claim to be atheists are people who are still unsure of their worldview, so they go along with the views of other people. I have spoken to a number of such people who, after having reviewed the reality of their own situation, have progressed from declaring themselves to be atheists and stated that they are really agnostics. Their real issue is established religion, or how they were mistreated growing up, not that the Creator of the Universe exists.
  • The Catholic Church was right all along
Whether an ex-atheist would say that the Roman Catholic Church was right all along is another matter. An atheist could become an agnostic and acknowledge that the Creator exists but point at the Roman Catholic Church and declare it to be a manmade religion or one belonging to the Devil. After all, the Roman Catholic Church does teach that Mary is the Queen of Heaven and (a woman who is the seed of a fallible man) the Mother of God. The Roman Catholic Church has a number of teachings that are prohibited in the Bible (e.g. forbidding marriage and food). This is not to mention other teachings that are contrary to what is taught in the pages of the New Testament (e.g. there is only one mediator between humans and God). Because of this, many people even claim the Roman Catholic Church is headed by the Antichrist.
  • God is the only true God. There is no other god besides God
The definition of God is essential in respect to this. If this god is the child of the Mother of God or the Queen of Heaven, then it is doubtful that such a god is really the Creator of Life and emanated from the bosom of the Infinite One in whom the Universe exists; for His Infinite Being surrounds its perimeter.
Many atheists adhere to Buddhism. In the Buddhist worldview, the Infinite One is that which exists of which there is no other. All things that exist in the temporal realm of the material Universe do so only to return to the Infinite One. Upon their return, individuals are absorbed into the Infinite One’s existence and cease to have any individuality. This is because everything is energy that merely changes it shape and characteristics as it goes through its many transformations, even though without an ultimate purpose.
The idea of “God” connotes devotion and worship. For an atheist to acknowledge GOD as the only intelligent being who possesses omniscience, and without Whom there is no other, the atheist would have to deny himself or herself of any self-perception that he or she is better than others. This being the underlying reason why any person refuses to humble him- or herself and devote his or her life to serving another. Although, there are some stories that exist concerning devout atheists living for each other as husband and wife, lovers and friends, this is not what we find when reading biographies. Instead, people such as Simone de Beauvoir, Ayn Rand, Friedrich Nietzsche, Bertrand Russell, and others of their ilk, demonstrate a lack of fidelity and devotion to those they purportedly love, as they pursue that one element missing in their life, ad nauseam.
As I see it, usually atheists ultimately do one of two things:
  1. acknowledge that this existence is futile unless a Creator exists and, therefore, repent, or
  2. buy into the belief that the Universe evolved by chance (and not necessarily from the Infinite One of whom there is no other), and they are merely an expression of energy that has no ultimate meaning in existence, having fallen from a pond of indistinguishable energy (as a drip of water) only to once more return to the pond of meaningless existence at some time in the future.
The Bible goes further and teaches that those who reject the truth of reality in this life and rail against the Creator God, or scoff at His existence and purpose, will be judged for their lack of reason. At this time, rather than the orderliness of Creation, the undeniable proof of God’s existence will be the fact they have been judged, and the worm that never dies will deliver the pain of this reality for eternity. Unfortunately, those who have been judged as having rejected their only hope will have no opportunity to discover relief and repent from their foolhardiness—something that they had the chance to do on Earth.

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