Tuesday, November 8, 2016

THE FLAT EARTH DECEPTION IS PROMOTED AS WHAT PEOPLE ONCE BELIEVED--BUT IT WASN'T. Nevertheless, Today People Have Wised Up To The Truth About The Earth But Still Promote Falsehoods. However, it is amazing that people preach the planet Earth is still flat.

Just to make things clear, I do not believe the Earth is flat. I just ran into a ‘documentary’ proving the Earth is flat and the question just popped up in my head. Why would anyone lie about the Earth being spherical rather than flat? What does any government or an elite group of people gain?

There are a number of issues raised in your question that are somewhat mixed.
  1. There would be no need to imagine that the Earth were flat, unless you desired to believe the Government propaganda.
  2. The Earth being spherical enables people to actually travel around it.
  3. But how can a documentary prove the Earth is flat when it isn’t?
How can a documentary prove the Earth is flat when it isn’t?
If they were flat-earthers, all who have flown from around the globe cease to be.
Those who are flat-earthers have either not flown very far or if they have, they have been in an aircraft that has only flown longitudinally.
One vociferous flat-earther I came across some time ago on a youtube video, who has flown from England to the Canary Islands and back, claims he is knowledgeable on the subject. He even fills small community halls preaching his beliefs. Earth is flat according to him because he has flown in an aircraft from England and beyond Spain and back.
Fortunately, I was able to deprogram one of his disciples who seemed to scream from the rooftops the Earth is flat, because he had found a guru full of enlightenment. The disciple claimed to be educated, too.
As part of the re-education process, I informed the disciple that he ought to consider the time it takes to fly from London to Seattle (10 hours, 6 minutes) and the time it takes to fly from Seattle to Tokyo (10 hours, 5 minutes), which is a distance of 12,483 km and requires a total of 20 hours 11 minutes flight time. Then I asked the disciple to consider the time it takes to fly from Tokyo to London across Asia, which is a distance of 9,553 km and takes 12 hours, 25 minutes. I also pointed out this is about an 8 hour difference, which indicates that the Earth is spherical—not flat.
The information to calculate these flight times is available at the Travel Math website:London, United Kingdom to JapanLondon, United Kingdom To Seattlefrom Seattle, WA to Tokyo, Japan.
At first the disciple, as do all who hate the truth, went into denial. Then when I suggested that if the Earth was flat, it should take at least 20 hours to fly back from Tokyo to London, if it took 20 hours 11 minutes to fly there, not 12 hours 25 minutes.
The disciple disappeared. I receive no more of his retorts. I can only assume that having been truly enlightened of his own folly, he was too ashamed even to thank me for saving him from further foolishness. But not everybody is grateful when they are shown the truth. Proud, ignorant and arrogant people actually hate those who demonstrate that they are really fools—especially when they think the person who shows them the truth is a fool.


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