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PEOPLE WHO READ QUORA CLAIM THEY LOSE THEIR FAITH. These People Say They Are Christians. But are they really Christians in the first place or just born into Christendom.

The thing is i've been reading some answers now on quora about religion and atheism and its bending me, I can't even help it anymore because I'm from a Catholic home and religion is a big thing which you don't joke with in my country. But I can't help it, I'm gradually becoming an atheist..

Harry Riches

Happy Riches
 Answers Anonymous

Everyone of us is influenced by what we read or hear or feel. Therefore, unless you are absolutely convinced of something, you will become uncertain of what you thought were your beliefs.

When you say that you are losing your faith as a Christian, the question you need to ask yourself is "Why do I say I am a Christian?"

If you are a Christian because you were born into a family that claimed they were Christians, then you are not a true Christian. Why do I say this?

The word "Christian" means  "belonging to Christ". In many dictionaries "Christian" is defined as "anything pertaining or associated with Christ" or something to that effect. Consequently, the West is said to be Christian when in fact it is predominately secular.
To belong to Christ, however, requires us to enter into a relationship with Christ and become a member of the family of Christ. This membership does not occur at the very time we pop into this world and our biological mother exclaims, with relief, "Thank God! The suffering is over."
The word "christ" means "anointed one". The anointed one is someone who has been set apart as distinct from the rest of the community for a specific purpose. When a person becomes a Christian, a decision has been made by that person, and that person becomes a member of the anointed ones. Thus the person having also become an anointed one has a distinct purpose for being; something that previously was not known. This purpose unfolds as the relationship with Lord Jesus Christ, the head of the anointed ones, becomes more defined. (But let's not digress.)
Lord Jesus Christ is the revealed name of God given to Jesus of Nazareth after His resurrection from the dead, whereupon He demonstrated that He was truly the Son of God because He possessed the power of an indestructible life. The Bible emphatically states that Jesus (meaning, Savior) was a descendant of King David, but was designated the Son of God by His resurrection from the dead, because He demonstrated He possessed the Spirit of Holiness, which belongs only to God The Father and God The Son. Even before His crucifixion, Jesus made a declaration that He and the Father are One. However, Jesus demonstrated His Lordship by His power over death. Jesus of Nazareth has demonstrated He is truly the Anointed Savior and Lord of Life by overcoming death.
Now why would you accept that Jesus rose from the dead? If you have not seen him, why would you believe that He rose from the dead?
You attend school, college or university and your teacher, lecturer or professor tells you what to believe. Why do you believe any of them? They are only humans after all. In most cases, they are merely regurgitating what they have read in books, which are often in need of revision.
There are millions of people who testify that Jesus rose from the dead. There are two millennia wherein people have testified that they have come to know the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ and their lives have changed for the better as a consequence of this.  Why would you believe those who reject the testimonies of so many people who claim they had received the assurance of eternal life and, because of this, they are assured Jesus rose from the dead?
D.M Murdock (aka Archarya S) is now dead. Unfortunately, I have binned some of our exchanges via email. Nevertheless, after having read one of her books, but not all her writings, in 2014, I had communication with her via email on a number of occasions, until she rejected Lord Jesus Christ, outright. This is what she claimed in one email to myself that I have been able to retrieve, quote:
"If you had read my work, you would know that I was raised a Christian and know the scriptures very well, reading them also on a regular basis in the original languages of Hebrew and Greek. Such SCHOLARSHIP is what defines a scholar, and attempts at insulting my intelligence and integrity will fail.
"The result of my scholarly studies that include pre-Christian religion and mythology - which a real scholar would study, rather than confining oneself to one biased Book pretending to be the Word of God - is that Christianity is a typical manmade religion, based significantly on previous religions and myths."
I had pointed out to her that as a scholar she had neglected to include crucial material regarding archaeological finds, and true scholarship could not afford to be so dishonest.  I also pointed out to her that she was never a Christian in the first place, because merely being raised in a Christian household does not qualify a person per se. But as far as she was concerned, her opinion was sacrosanct. She died of cancer on December 25th, 2015 (which was rather ironic, when you think of it).
This woman refused to accept that what she claimed was scholarly was not worthy of a scholar--true scholars do not rely upon secondary or unverifiable sources. The information she claimed she was uncovering about pagan gods had already been documented by others and was well known by all who had read The Two Babylons, a book published 160 years earlier, which detailed how pagan religions were counterfeits of the true religion.
Each one has to decide for his or her self whether he or she wants to know the truth or whether each one wants to trust his or her life to the ideas of men. Death has the final say. But a true Christian has a guarantee which comes with being born from above, by the word of God, that is very real experience for the recipient.
Murdock did not have that guarantee. She preferred her own egotistical fantasy.  What did she have to offer? Nothing. Hated Christianity. Despised Jesus. Thought she knew better. Claimed to be a free thinker. In the end, she had no answers. All atheists are the same.
Atheists claim that atheism is not a belief. Yet it is a belief. For atheism is a belief in nothing; a philosophy of nothing. So why bother preaching it? Because most people who claim to be atheists are not satisfied with their belief in nothing. Unconsciously they are hanging out for something. As if they were some lusting prowler, they feel the need to inseminate others with their hopelessness. The death wish that Freud spoke of has to be spread about. They have a need to sow doubt where ever they can. The fear of loneliness haunts them. And death beckons, regardless of what they do.
As surprising at it may sound, whether you believe something or do not believe in anything, does not bother me; but it might bother you. I am merely pointing out that there is a better hope worth seeking. To begin with, it is the assurance of eternal life.
Just to help you, consider my proposition along these lines:
Say you were broke, with no income and no place to live. However, unlike you, I am wealthy. I say, Would you like to be in my position? You see, I do not have to work, nor worry about my next feed, nor where to live, and I have ample funds coming in every month. Not only that, I can write out a check for whatever I need, whenever I want.
But you say, "That person over there is broke just like me, I would rather get my advice from him."
So I say, as I did to D.M. Murdock, "Good luck!"
Meanwhile, just in case you decide to have a look on the brighter side of life: Why not seek out the truth for yourself?
You could always begin by reading the book at the link below. Those who have read The Only Words Written By The Finger Of God, realize that what it states is very true. Why? Because it is relevant and explains why society is the way it is today. But as is often said, the proof is in the eating (or the reading).

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